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Q: Is married to an American citizen but was deported how long does it takes to re-enter the Us?
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Can someone who entered the US illegally was incarcerated and deported for it get married to a US Citizen and reenter to become a Citizen?

No, cause they'll get your records. But, if you come back with a different name or last name you could.

If you have an order of deportation and you married a us citizen can you become a resident?

Once you have been ordered to be deported, nothing you do can revoke that order. Even if you marry a US citizen, you will be deported. You can apply to reenter the US but the chances of that application getting approved is very less. Basically, no. Marrying after you have been ordered deported will not trick the court into letting one remain in the United States.

After been deported for can someone apply for a waiver to reenter the u.s.?

Can a person be legalize after being deported after a traffic violation

Does a Canadian Citizen with an American Residence need a passport to travel to Mexico from the USA Is it better to travel by air from Canada to Mexico as a Canadian Citizen with American Residence?

All Canadian and American citizens need passports to travel to Mexico. The main reason they need the passport is to reenter Canada or the United States.

If an illegal Mexican marries an American can he go to Mexico and reenter the US legally?

if an illegal Mexican marries an American they can't go back into Mexico and reenter the United States legally. They can only go to Mexico and reenter legally if they have been granted a Visa.

Can a legal none immigrant marry a US citizen then leave and reenter the US on maiden name?


Can a person who enter America on file and got deported reenter?

You can re enter after your ban period is over. But the probability is very less. You cannot enter if the ban is for lifetime.

Can a legal alien leave and reenter the US after marrying a citizen?

As long as they have the appropriate visa, they can come and go as they please.

Can you be turned away at the border if you are a US citizen wanting to reenter Canada?

As long as you have a valid passport/Nexus card and haven't committed a crime or done anything else to cause you to be denied entry you should be allowed to reenter Canada.

Will some people pay you to marry them so that they can become a US citizen?

Marrying a foreign national for the sole of purpose of the person obtaining permanent resident status or becoming a citizen is illegal. It is a violation of federal law and punishable by fines and imprisonment for both parties. In addition the foreign national will be deported after serving his or her sentence and will not be allowed to ever reenter the U.S. Furthermore, it is a misconception that marriage of a foreign national to a U.S. citizen guarantees permanent resident status or citizenship, it does not. It does however place a higher priority level on the person's application for residency and/or citizenship.

How can you reenter the US after being deported?

Not legally. If you come back illegally it's called "aggravated re-entry" and the Feds can lock you up for 1 to 10 years. The outcome of the trial is almost certain and there isn

What does us citizen need to reenter the us after visiting Canada?

what documents does a us citizen need to reenter us after visiting canada? -answer- This depends on the border crossing. For the most part you need to show that you are a US Citizen. Usually, just a drivers liscense and vehicle registration with a car that has US plates and you not talking with a 'canadian' accent. If you are not the typical 'easy to identify' American, but naturalized or something, then you need a copy of your naturalization papers or some other documentation like a passport or something to show you are allowed legally in this country. So, it may be easy to leave the US without the correct documentation, but its harder to get back in without it.

How does an American marry an illegal Mexican in Florida?

There are not laws that prevent a citizen from marrying a foreign national who is unlawfully present in the U.S. It is unlikely that an undocumented immigrant would have the identification required by state law, such as a SS#. Be that as it may, the citizen spouse would not be able to file an application for the non-citizen spouse's permanent resident status, because he was in the country illegally. The non-citizen spouse must return to Mexico and the required USCIS laws must be followed before he can legally reenter the U.S. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

Can you leave and reenter the US after marrying a citizen?

It's possible to do so, yes. You should check with customs and immigration before leaving the country to identify any potential problems... it's a lot easier to get them straightened out when you're still in the country rather than when you're stuck in an airport (or something) trying to reenter the country.

What sentence can you right for reenter?

They will reenter the building when the microwave fire is extinguished.

If an illegal Mexico immigrant was arrested for applying for a US passport under a false name and was deported using a different false name could he reenter the US on a fiancee visa with his real name?

No, when his fingerprints were checked his deportation history would be found. The foreign national committed a felony and therefore has been permanently deported. Any person attempting to circumvent immigration laws to aid a deported felon in returning to the US would be guilty of committing several federal felonies, all of which are punishable by a mandatory prison sentence and fines.

Can a substituted goaltender reenter the game in hockey?

yes a goalie can reenter a game after being substituted for.

How do you reenter a game on Armagetron advanced?

There is not automatic reenter button, you have to go through the server list to find yours.

You were just sworn in as a US citizen you are travelling out of country but do not have your US passport Can you use the document received at swear in to reenter the US you have a Canadian passport?

The US passport is what you need to get back in. Unless you're already outside the US, I wouldn't leave until you have this important document. Technically, you could just reenter the US as a Canadian tourist with a Canadian passport under the VISA Waiver programm but why chance it?

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What does reenter mean?

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If you have a Vietnam passport but live in the US and want to go to Canada what do you need to cross and reenter the border?

yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa

Can I reenter the US from Canada with a driver's license and birth certificate?