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no earth is smaller than mars

Asteroids can be different sizes, so they can be larger or smaller than Mars.

Smaller, Mars is about half the size of Earth

None, Mars is smaller than the Earth.

earths diameter is larger than mars

No. Neptune is much larger than Mars.

it has larger volcanoes than earth because there is no atmosphere.

No, Mars is much larger than Earth's moon.

Mars and Venus are both smaller than Earth but larger than Mercury

Both Venus and Mars are smaller than Earth but larger than Mercury.

mars is obviously larger than our moon not Mercury

Both Earth's moon and Mercury are larger than Pluto yet smaller than Mars.

Venus is larger than Mars, but a little smaller than Earth.

Three planets have diameters smaller than Earth's: Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

Gravity on Mars is substantially lower than on Earth.

Mercury is smaller than Mars, all of the other planets are larger. That means Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all larger than Mars.

Pluto is actually smaller than Mars. It is only about a third of its size.

The earth is 1.88 times larger than Mars, that's almost two times bigger. Mars-3397km Earth-6378.1km

Mars is larger than Pluto. Mars is the second-smallest major planet, the only smaller one being Mercury (which is also much larger than Pluto). (see related link)

No, it is larger - diameter is about 4 times as big.

Earth is not smaller than Mars, Mars is about half the size of Earth which makes Mars is smaller than Earth

Mercury is smaller than Mars.

Venus is far smaller than Saturn. Venus is the thrid smallest planet in the solar system, larger than Mars and Mercury, bust smaller than everything else. Saturn is the second largest planet. Only Jupiter is larger.

Mars is smaller than the earth

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