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Is medical insurance required to get US visa?


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Medical insurance is not required to obtain a US visa however if a visa is granted some programs require that you have medical insurance during your entire stay in the US

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No visa is required to buy property but to enter the US, you would need at least a b-2 visitors visa.

US citizens are required for a visa to enter Vietnam

Immigration Form DS-160 is necessary to apply for US tourist B-2 visa along with your recent photos and passport. Important to have proof for the financial independence for your stay in US. Also your intention to return to native country will help in getting visa approval. It is also advisable to carry medical insurance if necessary because medical expenses are costly in US.

Because unless you are from a country that is in the VWP, a visa is required to enter the country

No, cannot US citizens are required visa for entering Vietnam.

Anyone who is a permanent resident of the US is not a citizen yet. So if you are truly a Mexican citizen, you are required to have a visa if traveling to Canada. If you were to become a citizen of the US, however, then no visa would be required.

A US tourist visa is needed to visit the US as a tourist. If merely changing planes in Japan, a Japanese visa is not required.

In the US, a medical license is required.

A visa is not required as France is a VWP member country, but a valid passport would still be required.

The best and most known company that offers business medical and medical insurance in US is MetLife. Some other companies that offer business and medical insurance in US are Liberty Mutual Group, All State, Travelers and many more.

Guam is a US Territory, and as such, just like any other US owned soil, a Visa is not required as long as you are a US citizen. Saipan also does not require a Visa to visit.

Visa required, except for a maximum stay of 6 months

US passport holders are required for entering Vietnam

Switzerland is a part of the Schengen agreement which allows US citizens to travel to the country without a visa. The stay must be under 90 days after which a visa is required.

Medical evacuation insurance can be obtained from most travel insurance providers. It is not usually covered by regular domestic medical insurance policies, or by standard travel insurance packages. Travel Guard is an example of one company offering medical evacuation coverage to US citizens.

Is the question: what countries does the US require a visa from? If so, the answer is that the US requires a visa from every country on Earth EXCEPT those member countries that are part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). However, even in these countries, those people with criminal records will STILL be required to obtain a visa.

Many health insurance plans do not provide coverage outside of the United States; if they do, it may not be a full coverage. Also, specialty medical insurance for traveling abroad can cover situations that your medical insurance will not, such as medical evacuation.

In the US, a medical license is required to become a pediatrician.

prepare all the necessary documents required by the US embassy and provide enough documentary evidence that demonstrate your ties with your country if the visa officer is satisfied with the grounds of the application one can be issued tourist visa.

The US Government offers health insurance for employees in the public sector. For employees in the private sector, they have to purchase their own medical insurance.

Yes. All E.U. countries are required to get a visitors Visa to enter the US. No, Australia is included in the visa waiver program, 90 days without a visa.

The "tourist" visa for US is also referred to as the B-2 visitor visa. For recreation and pleasure or for medical treatment often foreign nationals who wish to enter the United States use it. Careful preparation is required for the process of applying for a B2 visa (visitor visa). It is important to present an error free application the first time, since it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to successfully obtain a B-2 Visa (visitor visa) once an individual has been previously denied a visa. Errors on the B2 visa application process can make one permanently ineligible to visit the U.S. pursuant to a valid visa.

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