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Yes, Mew is the most powerful Pokemon ever.


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No mewtwo is stronger than mew they built him to me smarter and more powerful than shows the scientist in the movie

the rarest pokemon card ever is Mew.

No, the chickorita is tougher than the Mew.

MEW , the most powerful Pokemon out of all 490 Pokemon.

ANSWER:Mewtwo is the most powerful Pokemon ever.Beucause it can learn every move and arceus stands no">chance at all against it. so pick mew over arceus.

It is not the ancient mew it is the pokemon illoustrator card and it cost $10,000

mew is the most powerful Pokemon dummyactually your kinda dumb your self, mew isn't the best, mewtwo is even better. And anyone that knows anything about Pokemon knows that Arceus is the most powerful Pokemon, I mean being able to be any type of Pokemon is pretty awesome.

mew. It is the most powerful Pokemon ever plus it can use transform and it could use girantinas own power against it. That's an easy question ;)

There is a Pokemon called arceus that is just like mew but it can also change types so this Pokemon is the most powerful.

Its Arceus. Xiantzor:Arceus,RayQuaza,Lugia,MewTwo.etc idk about mew because i havent used it 2 battle but these are the Pokemon that have done very fine service for me...

Mew and Mewtwo are both very powerful legendary Pokemon. Neither of them can evolve into any other Pokemon.

Arceus OR> Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Lugia, Darkrai, Palkia, Giratina, Magikarp, Mew, Deoxys.

Lugia Mewtwo Mew Deoxys On Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Arceus is the most powerful. You can only get it by using action replay.

It is a matter of opinion. To most, mew is adorable pokemon.

mew is the Pokemon that poke-scientists think was the first Pokemon ever. they think all Pokemon originated from mew since it can learn all kinds of moves.

Mew and Mewtwo. Watch the first movie

Mew never evolves it is a Pokemon with one form. Mewtwo was created using DNA from Mew, the first ever Pokemon to be created through science - this confirms that Mew does NOT evolve into Mewtwo.Mew does not evolve.

This is because she was the first mew mew to be found so shes the leader And she is the most powerful.

Like most Legendary Pokemon, Mew is genderless, although I call it "he" or "him".

Of course not..Mew is not the strong..I would'nt even say that its strong.O

MEW THREE THE MOST RARE AND POWERFUL POKEMON. (I know 'cus I saw Brok trying it in hisw drive way.) (go here its my site MEW THREE THE MOST RARE AND POWERFUL POKEMON. (I know 'cus I saw Brok trying it in hisw drive way.) (go here its my site

Shadow Lugia is the most powerful card, but can't be used in tournaments while ancient mew is the rarest and illegible.

You can never get Mew ever, that rumor has been going on for 11 years but you cannot get mew ever. Unless you use action replay

the best Pokemon are mewto and the rarest Pokemon ever mew.

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