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Is mineral oil cheaper than coconut oil?

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Mineral and coconut oil cost about the same price. Each brand of oil will vary a bit depending on the brand. Mineral oil and coconut oil both run between four and nine dollars.

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Jabakusum is hibiscus. The commercial oil contains hibiscus extract in a blend of vegetable, mineral and coconut oil.

Coconut oil is not very volatile. It has the same boiling point with water. But water vaporizes quicker than cooking oil.

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It is unrefined, unfiltered and without any additives. Sometimes, it is called "pure coconut oil" to mark its difference from the refined, bleached, deodorized coconut oil, commonly called " refined coconut oil". Virgin coconut oil, organic coconut oil, and the organic virgin coconut oil can be unrefined

coconut oil has added things like coconut flakes

No it will not disolve in coconut oil.

First, you should chop the coconut meat into pieces; then fry the coconut meat. Then extract oil with an oil press.

It depends on the recipe. If the recipe requires a large proportion of vegetable oil and you're hoping to substitute it with coconut oil it is not a good idea since coconut oil has a distinctive taste which will overpower the whole dish. Generally, it is a good idea to substitute vegetable oil with something like canola oil since it has no taste rather than coconut oil.

Yes, coconut oil is perishable.

Yes, Coconut oil can promote hair growth. But if there are other reasons (poor-nutrition, solar radiation, etc..) that are against the natural growth of hair, those should also be considered and treated. King-coconut oil is considered better than Coconut oil for hair growth.

Coconut oil is not an essential oil. In some recipes coconut oil is used to thicken lotions and creams. There are even soaps that are made with coconut oil. However, low grade coconut oil can go rancid fairly easily, so it is not your best bet for this use.

Coal can be found easier than oil. However, Green Energy is the future! It is cheaper, cleaner, and healthier. It is a investment in our Children! :)

No you do not need to refrigerate coconut oil. If you put coconut oil in the fridge it will become very hard.

yes you can. but it wont as better than olive oil.

Oils liquefy or solidify at different temperatures. Sunflower oil is lighter than coconut oil so it remains a liquid at a lower themperature in winter.

No, coconut oil do not dissolve in kerosene

Just because something is thicker than something does not mean it is more dense. Coconut oil may be more viscous than water, but it is less dense. Perhaps because of the strong hydrogen bonding in water, more mass is able to be packed per unit volume than in coconut oil.

because it is less in quantity

Coconut oil is a mixture of many substances.

the one that invented the coconut oil is rubco ..

Coconut oil is not soluble in water.

because the fuel is oil and the coconut is oil too

Yes, coconut oil is gluten free.

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