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Your marriage will be legal if it was conducted according to the laws of the country in which you were married.

These laws would normally require the ceremony to be conduced by an authorized individual who would require that a marriage certificate was signed by both parties, him/her self and some witnesses.

Part of this certificate will be kept by the sate as an official record of the marriage and part will be given to the married couple as proof of the event.

Thus the death of the preacher (the authorized individual) should not make any difference as the records (the bits of paper) are all that matter.

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Is a marriage legal if it was performed by a preacher but no marriage license was not obtained?

It would not be considered a legal marriage at that point. A license needs to be executed and a certificate issued.

If my first wife married a man than married me which marriage is legal?

The first marriage is legal. If there is a divorce then, the second marriage is legal. If there isn't a divorce, then it is not legal.

When was marriage made legal?

Marriage has always been legal. Your marriage is legal only if you are legally married.

Is my marriage legal if married in Jamaica and live in Georgia?

Yes, a marriage is legal if you are married in Jamaica and live in Georgia. Any marriage is legal as long as the proper paperwork was filed with the court.

Can a US citizen get married in Barbados and be legally married in the US?

If the marriage is legal in Barbados, the US will recognize the marriage as being legal.

If you married someone who was already married in the Philippines is your marriage even legal and do you need to get a divorce?

A is married to B. While marriage continues, A marries C. Question: is the marriage of A to C "legal"? The marriage of A to C, is bigamous and not a legal marriage. A may be charged with the crime of bigamy which carries with it a penal sanction.

If you married someone who was already married in Texas is your marriage legal?

NO !

Am I married if I receive a marriage license and yet never enter into a lawful marriage.?

IF THAT MARRIAGE LICENSE HAS BEEN SIGNED BY A PREACHER THEN THAT MAKE IT LEGAL AS WELL AS IT MUST BE SENT INTO THE STATE TO BE PUBLIC RECORD. A License gives you permission to get married . a certificate means you have gotten married. I would compare it to a drivers license and actually driving a car. you are not a driver if you have never driven.

If you were married and got married again would the 2nd marriage be legal?

For a second marriage to be legal, the first would have to have been dissolved via legal divorce. If the first marriage was not legally dissolved, then a second marriage would neither be legal or illegal; it would simply be redundant. Married couples often renew their wedding vows, but there is no legal connection.

You got married in Jamica is your marriage legal?

If the marriage was legal in Jamica, it will be legally recognized in any country.

Is my marriage legal in mexico when you only married legally in california?

A legal marriage is recognized throughout the world.

If you get married before you are divorced is the marriage legal?


How long do you have to be in a live in partnership before california declares you a married couple?

A partnership does not turn into a legal marriage.A partnership does not turn into a legal marriage.A partnership does not turn into a legal marriage.A partnership does not turn into a legal marriage.

Can you be married in Arizona if married in Mexico?

No. The State of Arizona recognizes the marriage in Mexico as a legal and valid marriage

If you married one illegal alien and he left right after the marriage and you do not know where he is and you have married another illegal alien is this marriage legal?

No. Your second marriage is not legal. In fact, in the United States a married person who knowingly marries again while still married to their first spouse commits bigamy. You need to obtain a legal divorce to dissolve your first marriage.

If you are married to a U.S. citizen from Louisiana is the marriage legal in Louisiana or will you have to get married again when you arrive there?

Yes it is legal

Is a marriage legal in Florida if you were married outside of the country?

It depends if the marriage licence can be legal in Florida but it's most likely

Is a marriage valid in the US if your husband is a foreigner and we married in Morocco?

If the marriage was legal in Morocco, the United States views it as a legal marriage. You need to be able to provide documentation of the marriage.

You got married in Trinidad is your marriage legal?

If the marriage is completely legal under the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, it will be honored in other countries.

If you got married in another country but never filed the paperwork here in NY is the marriage legal?

If you have a copy of your paperwork, your marriage is legal.

If your boyfriend and you want to get married and he is not a legal citizen can you still get married?

It is legal in the United States for an illegal immigrant to marry a US citizen. Once the marriage is legal, the illegal immigrant becomes a legal immigrant and can stay in the US for the course of the marriage.

How do you get an unofficial divorce?

There is no such thing as an unofficial divorce. Marriage is a legal status. A legal marriage must be dissolved by a legal divorce. Otherwise, the parties remain married.

Are you legally married if you get married outside the us?

Of course, as long as it was a legal marriage where performed.

If you married an immigrant with a temporary visa is your marriage legal?


Why be married by a pastor?

Some people believe marriage is an institution created by God, and therefore they want to get married by a pastor. But it is not necessary to get married by a pastor for your marriage to be legal.

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