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Yes, fresh fruit is generally very good for you and so is yoghurt (though not too much of the latter). Natural yoghurt is better than standard yoghurt, and 'live' yoghurt is better than natural (though you can get live and natural, which is even better).

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Is it good to eat fruit with yogurt?

Eating fruit is healthy and eating yogurt is healthy so put them together and it is really healthy to eat fruit with yogurt.

Which is healthier natural youghurt or fruit yogurt?

Natural yogurt is definitely healthier than fruit yogurt. Fruit yogurt contains double the amount of calories that are in natural yogurt. Natural yogurt contains more calcium than any other type of yogurt.

What would a visitor in France likely find at their breakfast table?

Fresh Fruit And Yogurt

Are dried fruit and fresh fruit equally healthy?

No. Fresh is better for you.

What can you eat that is healthy?

eggs salad fruit yogurt

Can you eat yogurt and fresh fruit together?

yes of course combination of protein and carbohydrates work better but it is better to eat fruit first then yogurt

Is yogurt and fruit healthy?

As with most other things, in moderation yes

What is A thick drink made with pureed fresh fruit and yogurt?

A floating dinosaur

Origin of fresh fruit shake?

The origin of the fresh fruit shake is unknown. People have been making shakes out of fresh fruit for many years because it is healthy.

What is an example of a healthy dessert treat?

Fresh fruit.

Are there healthy desserts?

There could beANSWER:Yes. Fresh fruit.

What do people in Paris eat for breakfast?

Croissants, or other fresh bread, fruit and yogurt.

What is the majority of carbohydrate in a healthy diet?

It should be fresh vegetables with some fresh fruit.

Yogurt is my kids favorite foods, what are some healthy options?

Yogurt is a great food for kids. Some neat ways to dress it up are by adding fruit or granola to the yogurt.

What are healthy desserts?

Healthy desserts are desserts that are good for you and an example is a granola bar or fresh fruit.

Which food is an example of a healthy snack?

Fruit. Nuts. Veggies. Low-fat Yogurt. Raisins.

What are the types of healthy snacks available?

Yogurt &&Fruit...Frozen Grapes make a wonderful snack.

How do pineapples help you stay healthy?

The reasonable answer is that it is a fresh and healthy fruit. It contains a lot of healthy vitamens and it is a healthy choice as well.

Why are durain fruit healthy?

because they have natural sugars in them

Why fresh fruit and vegetables food are healthy?

because it is very nutritious.....

What are some healthy snacks to eat with pudding?

Fresh Fruit, and Granola.

How much salt does fresh fruit and vegetables have?

they most likely don't have so much salt because they are very healthy.

What food contains healthy carbohydrates?

Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables contain the best type of carbohydrates.

What is a healthy summer snack?

Fresh fruit. Usually abundant in markets in the summertime, it is always a healthy snack.

What is the impact of fresh fruit and vegetable on the society?

keeps us healthy and strong