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Niacin ... also called nicotinic acid and Vitamin B3 ... is a chemical compound of

four elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen.

Its chemical formula is: C 6 H 5NO 2

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Q: Is niacin a element?
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Is niacin an element?

No it is not an element, it is a molecule/ vitamin made up of elements.

How do you take niacin?

Niacin is the vitamin B3.

Is niacin a mineral?

No, Niacin (B3) is not a mineral. It is a vitamin.

What food is niacin?

Niacin is a vitamin of the B-complex group.

Is niacin good for you?

niacin is good for you.But not too much

Is niacin a vitamin or mineral?

yes niacin is a kind of vitamin

Will slo niacin clean your system?

Can niacin clean your stsyem

Is niacin a temporary flush?

Niacin gives a temporary flush.

Is niacin causes hematoma?

No. Niacin is a vitamin. Nicotinic acid

Are niacin and folate antioxidants?

niacin and folate are essential vitamins

Does Walmart sell niacin vitiams?

does walmart sell niacin

Can niacin lower cholestrol?

yes niacin lower cholesterol

What is the generic for niacin?

Niacin is the generic name for Vitamin B3

What is the RDA of niacin?

The US RDA for niacin is 20mg/day for adults. The US RDA for niacin is 15mg/day for kids.

How can niacin deficiency be treated?

Niacin deficiency can be treated effectively with replacement of niacin in the diet. In the case of Hartnup disease, large quantities of niacin may be required for effective reversal of symptoms.

What is the relationship of tryptophan to niacin?

The body uses tryptophan to create niacin.

Will niacin cause a rash and hives in the sun?

niacin causes hives?

How long does it take to flush you system with niacin?

niacin does not always work

Can slo niacin lower your cholesterol?

slo niacin and cholesterol can be helpful

Does niacin really help passing a urine tests?

no niacin does not work

Does niacin affect birth control?

No, niacin has nothing to do with oral contraceptives.

Where do you find niacin in living things?

where can niacin be found in living things

Is Niacin a macro-mineral?

No, niacin is not a mineral at all. It is a vitamin.

will take niacin help to get cocain out of your system ?

will niacin get cocain out if your system

What nutrients contain the element nitrogen?

Mostly Proteins & Vitamins - especially the B vitamins like Biotin (B7), Niacin (B3), and Cobalamins (B12).