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Is okami made for GameCube?

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no it only came out for playstation 2 in 2006, and in Wii at 2008...Okami is a great game though, but i got bored of it real soon

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Are there okami figurines?

Unfortunately no or none at the moment. People have made their own okami like figures. But that's it.

Is a GameCube and a Xbox the same?

No, Nintendo made the GameCube and Microsoft make the Xbox. The GameCube is quiet old now.

Where was the GameCube made?


What is chuggaaconroys next lp after okami?

Chuggaaconroy next lp will be two games at once, Luigi's Mansion wii and Pikmin 2 gamecube. Both will be during the 2011 summer.

What is a GameCube controller?

A Gamecube Controller is the standard controller for the Nintendo Gamecube console. The controller allows players to play the video games made for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Should you buy Yakuza or Okami first?


Who is the main character in Okami?

Okami Amaterasu A.K.A. "Ammy"

How tall is Yushin Okami?

Yushin Okami is 6' 2".

When was the Nintendo GameCube made?

In 1969

When was the GameCube made and released?


Where can you buy a Nintendo GameCube portable?

There is no retail portable GameCube. The portable GameCube consoles that you see are fan-made, and thus, aren't for sale.

When will okami 2 come out?

Okami 2 will come out in 2010 in Japan. Okami 2 will be coming out, around 2011 in Kansas and all that.

How do you beat okami?

Play it all the way through. To beat Okami you have to defeat Yami (get there by boarding the Arc of Yamato). yay okami

Will any wii games be made for GameCube?

Yes all wii games will work on a gamecube

Was the game okami made in china or Japan?

japan, because nippion is in the shape of japan

Why did the people who created GameCube stop having games made for it?

No more GameCube games are being made because the GameCube is no longer in production. Nintendo moved on to new consoles, which are the Wii and currently, the Wii U.

Who made the GameCube?


Is Call of Duty 3 made for GameCube?

No it is not

When was Yushin Okami born?

Yushin Okami was born on July 21, 1981.

Why aren't new GameCube games being made?

The gamecube has been discontinued and replaced with Nintendo's new Wii console (Gamecube games are playable on the Wii, however).

Have they made red dead redemption for GameCube?

no u tard they dont even make gamecube games anymore.

Is NBA live 08 for GameCube?

No, NBA Live 08 was not made for GameCube. The game came out too late for GameCube, and was released on the Wii instead, along with the other consoles.

Did they ever made a nightmare before Christmas game for GameCube?

yes they made a nighmare before Christmas game for gamecube but i heard it wasnt a very good game

Can you play Brawl on Nintendo GameCube?

No, it was only made for Wii and anyway the graphics are way too advanced for the Gamecube. Sorry

When was the first ever animal crossing game made?

It was made in 2002 for the Gamecube .