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Open-pit mining is generally less expensive in terms of exploration, development, equipment and operation. Typically, when a recovery operation is developed as an open-pit mine, the valuable mineral deposit is closer to the surface. Also, because it is open-pit, the scale of economy applies, meaning that larger equipment can be used, thus lowering the per-unit cost of operation. In addition, while underground mines must leave behind some of the target minerals in order to provide support for the mine structure, open-pit mines do not.

It should be noted that while open-pit mining is generally the less expensive mining method. that will not always the case. This is due the geology. The nature of the ore body, and the depth and angle of the deposit will enter into cost considerations when choosing a mining method. It can also depend on the rehabilitation requirements as with open pit mining you are left with huge holes in the ground and with under ground/closed mining you simply have a small entry to close with mining is finished.

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Q: Is open mining or closed mining more expensive?
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