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Is philosophy a science?

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no it isn't . Philosophy trys to look at reality through religon. Science does it through experimentation.

Actually philosophy does not look at reality through religion! It looks at reality through Logic and Reason.

It also criticizes religion and science by using these philosophical methods.

So philosophy is not a science, it is a way of analyzing truth claims......but if you consider mathematics a science....then philosophy is a kind of science because it uses formal logic (discrete mathematics) to solve truth claims.

Scientists will gush on forever at the power of science, and rightly so, but many dismiss philosophy.This is probably due to lack of understanding.

Philosophy can help to clear up fuzzy thinking and unreasoned arguments, therefore it is a helpful and powerful tool to help us understand the world.

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What is the philosophy of biology as a science?

The philosophy of the science of biology is: life is interesting.

What has the author James H Fetzer written?

James H. Fetzer has written: 'Philosophy and Cognitive Science' 'Philosophy of science' -- subject(s): Science, Philosophy 'Computers and cognition' -- subject(s): Cognitive science 'Glossary of epistemology/philosophy of science' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Knowledge, Theory of, Philosophy, Science, Theory of Knowledge 'Artificial intelligence' -- subject(s): Artificial intelligence 'Philosophy and cognitive science' -- subject(s): Philosophy and cognitive science

Is Philosophy a science or is it more than a science?

Philosophy is a humanity, therefore more accurately an art. There can be an element of science in the form of logic to philosophy, but it is far more than science.

How do you differentiate philosophy as a field of study from science?

Philosophy is subjective and science is objective.

Why study of philosophy of science?

If you understand the philosophy of science you will better appreciate the value of science, and the reason why science is better than pseudo-science.

Does philosophy as wisdom aim to be a science?

Philosophy is a science by it self.Human society is a laboratory for its experiments.

Why is ethics a science?

Ethics is usually a discussion in philosophy. However there is the interdisciplinary study of the philosophy of science, which has a branch that deals with ethics in science.

In detail explain similarities between philosophy and science?

philosophy and the science are both human intellectual activities.

How is philosophy not the same thing as science?

Unlike science, philosophy is not based on observable truths or known facts.

What has the author Ajit Kumar Sinha written?

Ajit Kumar Sinha has written: 'A WORLD-VIEW THROUGH REUNION OF PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE' 'Outlines of Philosophy' 'Principles of sociology' -- subject(s): Sociology 'Samakalin Darshana (Contemporary Philosophy)' 'A worldview through reunion of philosophy and science' 'Philosophy of Science in Tantric Perspective' 'Vedanta and modern science' 'Philosophy of Science ( Vigyan Ka Darshan)' 'Outlines of Social Philosophy' 'Concepts of mental health in Indian and Western Psychologies' 'Samaj Darshana (Social Philosophy) in collaboratiuon'

Is philosophy an abstract discipline?

Yes, philosophy is an abstract science.

How are philosophy religion and science related?

Philosophy, religion, and science are related in that they form the basis of humanity's search for truth. Humans are rational beings in that they have an insatiable desire for wisdom and knowledge. Science attempts to answer questions about what is and how. Philosophy and religion attempt to answer questions about what ought to be and why. Humanity's search for wisdom is reflected by philosophy and religion while the search for knowledge is reflected by science. Philosophy and science is different from religion in that religion is usually based on divine revelation and authority whereas philosophy and science are not.

Why is morality a science?

Morality is a branch of philosophy, not science.

Is semantics a philosophy or science?

"Is semantics a Philosophy or a science" is a question of concern. In order to answer it we , firstly, need to know about philosophy and science. Philosophy, in simple words, is knowledge. It is a rational investigation of truths and principles of being, knowledge or conduct. Science, on the other hand, is the emperical evidence of knowledge. These evidence, are based on experience or observation. Though observation or experience or experiment the knowledge we get is called science. When we know know what philosophy and science are, we can nominate semantics both. Semantic is philosophy and science as well. We know that semantics is the study of meaning. It is meaning of the words and sentences as well. When we say that semantic is a philosophy, it means we know the

Why ethics called science?

ethics usually a discuss in philosophy. however there is the interdisciplinary study of the philosophy of science which has that deal with has a branch that deals with ethics in science.

What has the author Vincent Edward Smith written?

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Do you consider philosophy as a parent science?

Science can legitimately be considered to have been a historical outgrowth of what used to be called natural philosophy.

What has the author Arthur Zucker written?

Arthur Zucker has written: 'Introduction to the Philosophy of Science' -- subject(s): Science, Philosophy

What has the author Robert A Solo written?

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What has the author Lisa Bortolotti written?

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How is philosophy different from other fields of science?

Philosophy is no longer a field of Science at all. Science, specifically Physics, did develop from Philosophy, and other Sciences developed from Physics. This (above) explains the term "PhD" (Doctor of Philosophy) and "Physician". There are many differences between Philosophy and Science. The most important is probably that Science deals exclusively with physical objects (living or not), while Philosophy has a wider area of concern. Also, in Science, questions can (often) be answered by performing an experiment. If everyone agrees that the experiment was designed and done well, the results are accepted as "the correct answer." It is not like that in Philosophy.

Why is philosophy considered to be a science?

Most scientists and most philosophers would not consider philosophy to be a science. However, both science and philosophy are characterized by very careful thought and analysis and scholarship. Both are engaged in an effort to understand the universe in which we live. However, scientists emphasize observation, while philosophers emphasize abstract thought. There is certainly some overlap between these subjects, and there is even such a subject as the philosophy of science. There is not, however, a science of philosophy.

What has the author Laura J Snyder written?

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What has the author Stewart Richards written?

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