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Is philosophy a science?

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no it isn't . Philosophy trys to look at reality through religon. Science does it through experimentation.

Actually philosophy does not look at reality through religion! It looks at reality through Logic and Reason.

It also criticizes religion and science by using these philosophical methods.

So philosophy is not a science, it is a way of analyzing truth claims......but if you consider mathematics a science....then philosophy is a kind of science because it uses formal logic (discrete mathematics) to solve truth claims.

Scientists will gush on forever at the power of science, and rightly so, but many dismiss philosophy.This is probably due to lack of understanding.

Philosophy can help to clear up fuzzy thinking and unreasoned arguments, therefore it is a helpful and powerful tool to help us understand the world.

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Philosophy is a humanity, therefore more accurately an art. There can be an element of science in the form of logic to philosophy, but it is far more than science.

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Philosophy is subjective and science is objective.

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If you understand the philosophy of science you will better appreciate the value of science, and the reason why science is better than pseudo-science.

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