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Pizza has so many variations in how it's made, you can't really answer this question. If you make your own you can make it very healthy by using low fat ingredients and not adding too much salt. Pizza from pizzerias like Pizza Hut and Dominos are usually very high in fat and salt and that's what makes them unhealthy.

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Is pizza bad for your health?

yea it is

What is bad about pizza?

The only bad thing about pizza is all of the oil that it contains. other than that pizza is fine.

Is pizza bad while pregnant?

Eating pizza is not bad while pregnant.

Is pizza bad for horses?

Pizza is not bad for horses, however, there are much cheaper ways of feeding horses.

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What should you do if the pizza man sells you bad pizza?

Throw it at him. Then go to the place and say he spit in your pizza

What will happen on overeating pizza and pepsi?

There are many health risks involved with overeating pizza and Pepsi. Some are these are, risk of heart attack from all of the grease clogging your arteries, risk of obesity because pizza and soda are full of bad calories, gas because of the carbonation of soda.

Are radio waves bad for your health?

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Why is pizza good for you?

Pizza may taste good, but when eaten in excess can lead to health problems.

Is pizza bad for acne?


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Is pizza good for health?

no , because it has a lot of fat

Is pizza fating?

Well, it is certainly not health food!

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No self sex is not bad for the health.

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ALL vitamins are bad for your health.Huh?

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Why is pizza purple?

Pizza is not purple, typically. If your pizza is purple, then it might have strange ingredients like cabbage on it, or it might have gone bad.

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Which would be a likely cause of an increase in the price of pizza?

A health report showing eating pizza reduces stress.

What is healthier pizza or cheese burger?

pizza, but they are both bad IT IS A CHEESE BURGER BECAUSE IT HAS CHEESE>

Is pizza good or bad?

Pizza is SUPER good! I don't know anyone who doesn't like it