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Yes Prostitution is Legal in India !!
In India, prostitution itself (exchanging sex for money) is not illegal, but the surrounding activities (operating brothels, pimping, soliciting sex etc) are illegal.
The current laws of India allow prostitution to thrive, but attempt to hide it from the public. The primary law dealing with the status of sex workers is the 1956 law referred to as the The Immoral Traffic (Suppression) Act (SITA). According to this law, prostitutes can practice their trade privately but cannot legally solicit customers in public. Organized prostitution (brothels, prostitution rings, pimping etc) is illegal. As long as it is done individually and voluntarily, a woman (male prostitution is not recognized in the Indian constitution) can use her body's attributes in exchange for material benefit. In particular, the law forbids a sex worker to carry on her profession within 200 yards of a public place. Unlike as is the case with other professions, sex workers are not protected under normal labour laws, but they possess the right to rescue and rehabilitation if they desire and possess all the rights of other citizens. In practice SITA is not commonly used. The Indian Penal Code (IPC) which predates the SITA is often used to charge sex workers with vague crimes such as "public indecency" or being a "public nuisance" without explicitly defining what these consist of. Recently the old law has been amended as The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act or PITA. Attempts to amend this to criminalize clients [16] have been opposed by the Health Ministry, [17] and has encountered considerable opposition. [18] In an interesting and positive development in the improvement of the lives of female sex workers in Calcutta, state owned insurance company has provided life insurance to 250 individuals.[19]
Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act:
The Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act or PITA is a 1986 amendment of legislation passed in 1956 as a result of the signing by India of the United Nations' declaration in 1950 in New York on the suppression of trafficking.[20] The act was then called the All India Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act (SITA), was amended to the current law. The laws were intended as a means of limiting and eventually abolishing prostitution in India by gradually criminalizing various aspects of sex work. The main points of the PITA are as follows: [21]

Sex Workers: A prostitute who seduces or solicits shall be prosecuted. Similarly, [[call girl}call girls]] can not publish phone numbers to the public. (imprisonment up to 6 months with fine, point 8) Sex worker also punished for prostitution near any public place or notified area. (Imprisonment of up to 3 months with fine, point 7)

Clients: A client is guilty of consorting with prostitutes and can be charged if he engages in sex acts with a sex worker within 200 yards of a public place or "notified area". (Imprisonment of up to 3 months, point 7) The client may also be punished if the sex worker is below 18 years of age. (From 7 to 10 years of imprisonment, whether with a child or a minor, point 7)

Pimps and Babus: Babus or pimps or live-in lovers who live off a prostitute's earnings are guilty of a crime. Any adult male living with a prostitute is assumed to be guilty unless he can prove otherwise. (Imprisonment of up to 2 years with fine, point 4)

Brothel: Landlords and brothel-keepers can be prosecuted, maintaining a brothel is illegal. (From 1 to 3 years imprisonment with fine for first offense, point 3) Detaining someone at a brothel for the purpose of sexual exploitation can lead to prosecution. (Imprisonment of more than 7 years, point 6)

Procuring and trafficking: A person procures or attempts to procure anybody is liable to be punished. Also a person who moves a person from one place to another, (human trafficking), can be prosecuted similarly. (From 3 to 7 years imprisonment with fine, point 5)

Rescued Women: The government is legally obligated to provide rescue and rehabilitation in a "protective home" for any sex worker requesting assistance. (Point 21) Public place in context of this law includes places of public religious worship, educational institutions, hostels, hospitals etc. A "notified area" is a place which is declared to be "prostitution-free" by the state government under the PITA. Brothel in context of this law, is a place which has two or more sex workers (2a). Prostitution itself is not an offense under this law, but soliciting, brothels and pimps are illegal.
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Why is prostitution legal?

In the United States, it is only legal in the state of Nevada inspecified areas within eleven counties. Nevada has very strictregulations pertaining to brothels and additional laws which makeprostitution illegal outside of licensed brothels. It is legalbecause many people want it to be legal. It is ( Full Answer )

What is A Prostitute?

Someone who is paid for sexual intercourse, usually a female, although there are male prostitutes..

Is prostitution legal in Las Vegas?

No, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas or anywhere else in Clark County but there are things called brothels which are buildings were some forms of prostitution are legal.

Where is prostitution legal?

In the United States, prostitution is legal only in certain areas of the state of Nevada, particularly common in Las Vegas. Prostitution is also legal in some small, minor countries in Africa. In almost all unadvanced civilizations, prostitution is common. An example would be remote Indian villages. ( Full Answer )

Why is prostitution legal in Nevada?

Some women believe that they will make a lot of money doing that, so that is why brothels are successful and they have many prostitutes.

What countries have legal prostitution?

Prostitution and brothels are legal in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Senegal, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Latvia, Israel, Bangladesh and New Zealand. Also the US state of Nevada and the Australian provinces of NSW, Qu ( Full Answer )

Why should prostitution be legalized?

Answer . Tough question. From a social standpoint, if you legalize it you can regulate it and tax it, which means clean men and women and profit to the government. It would also hurt the mob, drive alot of pimps out of business and maybe lower some forms of crime. The flip side is that you as a s ( Full Answer )

Is prostitution legal in England?

Prostitution is legal in England and Wales But just like in our proposal in must be in private, no public street solicitation. They only allow individual providers not brothels but one can freely advertise unless its too graphic.Under the Street Offences Act 1959, it is an offence for a common pr ( Full Answer )

Should prostitution be legal?

Legalizing Prostitution is not going to stop the harm! Prostitution should not be legalized. Legalization means that the state imposes regulations under which women can be prostituted. In effect, regulation means that under certain conditions it is permissible to exploit and abuse women! Nevada P ( Full Answer )

Is prostitution legal in Australia?

It is only legal in certain states. Victoria newly legalised prositution. States in which prostitution is legal is the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and New South Wales. Prostitution is heavily regulated in other states and is criminalised in Western Australia.

Is prostitution legal in Pakistan?

Nope. But if u have money u can get it anywhere? After all humans with 2 intake holes always be in need... Food and Sex...

Is prostitution legal in Nevada?

yes, but not in las Vegas or Reno.< This is not true as my daughter is a pimp and my son is a prostitite in las Vegas. allso your momma is on fire baby in some counties in brothels only. no street walkers.

Where are prostitutes legal?

NOT in the United States. However, I do know they are legal in a Virtual World called Second Life, if you want to whore an avatar or have sex with one. If you pay and they give you goods or another service, or if you don't pay for the sex, but sort of a sugar daddy type thing, and give gifts and th ( Full Answer )

Are prostitutes legal?

Prostitution in the United States is illegal, except in some ruralcounties of the state of Nevada.

Where is prostitution legal in the the US?

Prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada in the form of licensed brothels - like the famous Bunny Ranch.. However, in most rural counties like Clark County (where Las Vegas is), Washoe County, (where Reno is), and in Carson City it is still illegal.

Why is prostitution not legalized?

Because they shouldn't be!!! I disagree with this opinion. Prostitution is legalized in many countries and in one state in the US and in those places, there are much less problems than in areas where prostitution is accompanied by organized crime. There is no point in trying to legislate morality b ( Full Answer )

Where is prostitution legal in Nevada?

Perhaps more important is where it is not legal. It is NOT legal in the major resorts of Las Vegas, Reno or Lake Tahoe. State law prohibits prostitution in counties with a population over 400,000 and Clark County (Las Vegas) is the only county that has reached that mark officially. While Washoe Coun ( Full Answer )

What is prostitution?

Prostitution is the exchange of sex acts for payment. The payment for these acts is most commonly money or drugs. Prostitution is illegal in most places, and is a common way for children to be exploited. A prostitute can be a male or a female. They are often subjected to physical abuse from both the ( Full Answer )

When was prostitution legalized in Canada?

The act of prostitution was never formally legalized in Canada. It has just never been formally criminalized in the first place. Soliciting sex for money, however, remains a criminal offense.

In what US states is prostitution legal?

Nevada and Rhode Island. BUT in both states - only to a VERY limited degree. See:

Why do you have prostitutes?

^^**Some ppl don't have the personality, or the looks to attact a male/ female... and they turn to prostitutes for sexual intercourse. And prostitutes are there because they think they are needed and that's how they make there money. When men or women shouldn't turn to prostitutes ever because you n ( Full Answer )

Why wont the president legalize prostitution?

It is not in the purview of the US President. The US Constitution does not grant the power of legislation to the President. Only the states can decide for themselves if prostitution can be legalized, and currently only one state has done this, Nevada, with the exception of Las Vegas.

Is prostitution legal in Costa Rica?

yes and no. there seems to be no restriction on the agreement by two adult individuals to engage in sexual activity for money it is illegal however to maintain or operate a 'bordello' or to pimp (broker) sexual favors in exchange for money

Should prostitution be legalised in India?

I can't speak to India specifically, but in general prostitution is a victimless crime. It is outlawing consensual action between adults. A free state has no business preventing such a thing.. Many would argue that prostitution is degrading to women, immoral, or creates negative 'neighborhood effec ( Full Answer )

Is prostitution legal in Wyoming?

In the United States, protitution has Limited Legality. Indoor prostitution became legal in Rhode Island in 1980. Prostitution Laws of Wyoming dictates the penalties.

In what countries is prostitution legal in?

The position of prostitution and the law varies widely worldwide, reflecting differing opinions on victimhood and exploitation, inequality, gender roles, gender equality, ethics and morality, freedom of choice, historical social norms, and social costs and benefits. Here is a list of countries that ( Full Answer )

Is prostitution legal in brussels?

Not sure, but it's tolerated, as there will always be demand for it, so you can't forbid it. Check out the Rue d'Aerschot at the Brussels North railway station for some examples.

Why prostitution must be legalized?

Why not. It's one of the oldest "professions". For matters of health, safety of the prostitutes and their guests along with the money it would generate for the economy.

Why was prostitution legal in the 19th century?

The legalization of 19th century prostitution originates from Britain, Western Europe, and the United States. It takes root from the "regulationists" of their time who saw a necessary evil in making revenue off of taxing the unfortunately popular business of buying and selling sex. Prostitution was ( Full Answer )

Did the Chinese government legalize prostitution?

Though there are a lot of prostitution places such as hotel, small barbershop, public bathroom, massage parlous etc. in China. However, Chinese government never legalize prostitution. The police often investigate the illegal prostitution places and arrest prostitutes and whoremasters. so on.

How legal is a dating site in India?

Dating in India is legal. India is a democratic conuntry you can do here anything you want as long as it is not hurting other people sentiments and feelings. You can date as many people as you want everything is legal.

In which country prostitution is legal business?

The related link below is a map of countries and the legal status of prostitution. Prostitution is illegal in red countries. Blue countries make it legal to pay for sex, but activities like brothels are illegal. Green countries make both these things legal. In most countries you can find a red light ( Full Answer )

Is prostitution legal in Madagascar?

Yes, prostitution (the exchange of sex for money) is legal, but brothels are illegal, prostitution is not regulated

Is cricket betting legal in India?

Since, there is no law considered about online betting that is why it is taken as legal, but if you will check about betting then you will found that no bank support it, neither you can transfer money from pay pal nor from visa.

Why is animal prostitution legal but human prostitution isn't?

Animal prostitution would be bestiality which legally is considered animal abuse so it's not legal. You have added this to Dog Breeding and Mating and if that is what you mean it's not the same as prostitution. Prostitutes don't mate in order to get pregnant. Buying sperms from a sperm bank is leg ( Full Answer )

Why are prostitutes legal?

Some countries allow prostitution because they believe making it illegal would not eliminate the practice but drive it underground. It is also more simple to regulate and police it.

Is prostitution legal in RenoNV?

Although prostitution is legal in some parts of Nevada, it is illegal in Reno, Nevada as of 2009. In the places where it is legal, it is only legal in established brothels, and street prostitution is illegal everywhere.

Is prostitution is legal in jammu and kashmir?

ammu and Kashmir is the only state in the country where prostitution is legal. According to the Public Prostitutes Registration Rules, 1921, a prostitute can carry on her trade legally if she registers herself with the District Magistrate. She has to fill in a simple application form, file it in per ( Full Answer )

Why should prostitution be legalization?

To make it safer for both the hooker and the client - cutting out the mob connections, that is, the pimp and the drug-pusher who may have got her into virtual slavery. Also to be able to organise regular health checks. However, much of the appeal of using a hooker is the forbidden and dangerous asp ( Full Answer )

Where are there prostitutes?

Prostitution is legal in several countries, among these are Holland and Denmark. You will find prostitutes in other countries illegally. Usually on dark street corners in big cities.

Is prostitution legal in UK?

Prostitution is legal in the UK, however it is illegal to use theservices of a prostitute.