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I would prefer Red bull because it does not cost as much as Monster, but they are both good drinks.

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Q: Is red bull better than monster?
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Which energy drink is better monster amp or red bull?

monster and Red bull

Which energy drink is better red bull or amp?

monster and Red bull

Which is better, Red Bull or Monster?

monster is probably the best choice. (:

Which is bigger monster or red bull?



Red Bull set the standard, but I highly recommend Monster Blue Energy Drink. It's a little healthier. For taste I prefer Red Bull, But for a better energy boost I go for Monster.

Do people like red bull or 5 hour energy better?

people like red bull better than 5 hour energy

What is more likely to kill a plant a monster or red bull?

it depends on what type of plant it is, some plants will die from red bull, some from monster.

Is it ok for kids to be drinking red bull or monster?

No, it is not.

How many calories are there in a can of monster?

i found in the red bull 110 calories and in the red bull suger free 10 calories

What is more healthy for you monster vs red bull?

monster and Red bull

Can red bull vending machines hold monster drinks?

Obviously if it says 'Red Bull' vending machine. Then I don't think it will hold 'Monster' drinks. Sorry! Try some others...

What actors and actresses appeared in Red Bull Vs. Monster - 2011?

The cast of Red Bull Vs. Monster - 2011 includes: Carolina Da Silva as Cowgirl Americo Leal as Cowboy