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This is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Consult the specific laws for the state and county in which you reside for the rules that apply. In most states, any 18 year old is considered an adult and is capable of deciding when and where they reside. They have the ability to contract for housing. SOME states allow minors to become emancipated under specific circumstances, but this is not just a matter of filling out some paperwork. A minor is the responsibility of their parents until such time as they reach the age of majority or are legally emancipated. The parents are required to provide for the support of their minor children. If the parents give permission, the minor can live in another location. Such permission does not relieve the parents of the responsibility to provide support. If the parents do not give permission, the minor can be considered a runaway. Charges may apply to individuals that aid and abet such runaways, particularly if they are under the age of consent. In some states it is my understanding that this is not enforced for 17 year olds that leave home. If you are subject to abuse, you should contact social services for your area. They will assist you in getting out of the bad environment and into a safe place.

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Q: Is running away from home illegal in New Hampshire?
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Is running away from home a crime in the state of Oregon?

It is not illegal to runaway from home in the state of Oregon. The reasoning is that the child may be running away from a hard home life or traumatic situation.

Is running away from home a crime in the state of Louisiana?

Running away from home in any country is not very good. I don't think it is illegal. There are teens who do these stuff all the time.

What age do you have to be to run away from home?

There is no legal age to "run away from home." You can leave home at 18 when you become an adult otherwise it is illegal to "run away" ( that's why it is called "running away.")

Are there laws on running away in Maine?

There are laws in the state of Maine for running away. It is illegal for to run away from home before you are 18 years of age or without your parent's consent.

Is running away from home a crime in the state of Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, it is not illegal for a child to run away from home. Many parents in the state worry about their child because there are no laws in place to keep them at home.

Is running away from home illegal in the state of Oregon?

There are only nine states that consider running away to be a status offense and illegal. Oregon is not one of them. the states are West Virginia, Nebraska, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Idaho, Kentucky, Utah, and Wyoming.

If you 18 can cops get you for running away?

Do you mean running away from home? By 18 you are legally an adult, so for running away from home, no, but if you are kidnaped they will still search for you.

What it is called When an act such as running away from home is legal for adults but illegal for juveniles?

Status Offense. Adults may run away from home and not violate any law, but runaway children are subject to apprehension and juvenile court processing.

Is running away a crime?

No I dOnt think it is if u r running away from home. But if u r running away from the police than yeah.

Is it illegal for a child to run away from home?


What is the penalty for running away from home?

you are a tool

Where do you go if your cauht after running away?

if your caugh running away, u will be put in foster home, or in a detension center

Is it illegal to runaway in New Mexico?

The act of running away in NM is not illegal but if you're a runaway and are found by the police then you can be brought back home. edit: but the authorities cannot tell you that you cannot just up and leave again.

Is running away from home a crime in Missouri?

no it is not crime

Is it illegal in New Hampshire to take someone's picture secretly without permission in their own home and post it on the internet is it also punishable?

Yes, it is illegal anywhere in the U.S to do that!

Is it illegal to run away from home in England UK?

It depends on your age.

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Is running away from home a crime in Oklahoma?

No it's not a crime from were your from

Is it illegal to run away from home in NY and what penalties can you get at age 14?

Yes it is illegal at 14 to run away in New York and you can go to Juvie and I know a 15 year old that did that he wen't to Juvie so if you are thinking about running away try to talk to someone you care about to fix it because I don't think getting away from your problems for like 2 days is worth going to Juvie what about you?

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Is running away a crime in the state of Arkansas?

Running away is a crime in any state. Too, many kids end up dead when they run away from home. No matter how bad you think home is, it's always worse on the streets.

Is running away from home a crime in Texas?

Yes, it can be punishable with probation

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What is the punishment for running away from home at sixteen in Oklahoma?

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