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Is salivating and nausea common in uterine fibroid embolization?


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2005-04-07 04:27:53
2005-04-07 04:27:53

You should discuss this with your doctor or even a hospital if you can not reach your doctor.


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Yes they do. And fibroiids are more common if your parent such as mother had it and if you are certain age and if you have no children.

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Genital warts are a benign growth of the external genitals, vagina, anus, or cervix. A fibroid is the most common benign uterine growth.

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A leiomyoma, myoma, or (in common terms) fibroid is a benign tumor of the uterus. These are muscular benign tumors of the uterine wall, and are very common.

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Uterine fibroids are more common among African-American women than among women of other ethnicities.

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They occur in 30-40% of women over age 40

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