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come on. do you really need an answer for this one. if it scares her, then don't do whatever it is that she is getting scared of. this could leave a mark on the rest of her life if you don't quit it so take a chill pill and leave this poor kid alone. -Zo Does she laugh right away or later? If she laughs right away I would say that you are confusing the word scare with the word startle. Scare: To strike with sudden fear; alarm. To Frighten. Startle: To cause to make a quick involuntary movement or start. Lots of toddlers love to be startled. Some get scared but most find something happening suddenly and unexpectedly to be hilarious. I do this to my nephew all the time. I jump out from behind doors, or flip him upside down when I hug him or drop a pillow off the balcony so it falls near him and he is always startled, always laughs and then says "Again again!" If he was scared he would cry and be nervous about situations where it had happened. Scaring children is wrong.


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