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Is sex okay if your 13?

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No, unless you're drunk and crazy! Not at all. I'm sure you don't want to have to carry textbooks and a baby in your backpack everyday.

2008-10-05 23:02:48
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You are 13 and you and boyfriend have been together for a long time. Is it okay for us to have sex?


Is sex okay for teens?

== ==

Is dear john appropriate for a 13 yearnold?

There is a very brief sex scene, but nothing is shown and it's very implicit. It should be okay for a 13 year old.

Have you ever connected your vagina to a mans penis?

okay when you "connect" your vigina to a dudes penis its called sex. okay when you "connect" your vigina to a dudes penis its called sex. okay when you "connect" your vigina to a dudes penis its called sex. okay when you "connect" your vigina to a dudes penis its called sex.

Is sex okay for you?

its extremely healthy

Is solo sex okay?


If your period ends today is it okay to have protected sex?

It's okay to have protected sex at any point in your cycle, even when you are on your period!

Is it ok for a 13 year old to masterburate?

Yes, it is okay for a 13 year old to masturbate. It is very normal for teenagers to masturbate before they ever have sex. Make sure to masturbate in a private area.

What were some of Aphrodites interests?

Okay Aphrodite's Interests Are Children , Sex , Ares , Sex with Gods , CHildren < and Basically Sex , sex , and more sex

If you are 13 and your boyfriend is 18 is it illegal to date if your parents are ok with it?

No, it's not illegal if your parents say it's okay. Well, it wouldn't be illegal even if your parents didn't give their okay. Dating is okay. It's having sex and getting married that are illegal without parental consent.

Is it okay for to 13 year olds that are good friends to sleep in the same bed naked but not have sex but cuddle and fondle each other a bit?

No it is not if you are dating maybe but not if you are just friends....and 13 is a little young i was 16

Is sex okay for a twelve year old?

Absolutely Not.

Is it okay to get off with people at the age of 13?

depending on your age it would be considered rape if your gong to have sex. so maybe maybe not id wait another year

Is it ok to have sexwhen you start puberty?

Actually I am a 13 year-boy, almost 4 times a week, I have sex with my girlfriend. It's okay to sex when you start puberty. But then it's illegal so better don't. Just masturbate.

What if your three weeks late for my period is this normal for 13?

Unless you are having sex, it is probably okay. If you are having sex ( which I would highly advise you not to at such a young age) , but if you are, you should consider taking a pregnancy test. If you are abstinent (free from sex), then it is probably okay. If you are just getting familiar with your periods, then it is common for your period to be irregular. It could even take up to two years for your period to regulate completely.

How can you tell that a girl wants you to finger them?

Just, after making out, bring up sex and if she feels okay about, do whatever you want to her to increase her and your pleasure. I she is okay about sex, she will always want you to finger her

Is it okay to be a lesbian at 13?


Where in the Bible does it say same-sex marriage is okay?

The Bible does not mention same-sex marriage.

Is sex okay while six weeks pregnant?


What part did the middle passage play in the triangle trade?

They did that because of sex if it wast for sex the world would not go by. Okay well thats all i have for you okay well peace out niggar

Is it ok for a 17 year old to go with a 13 year old?

Legally it is okay, until you turn 18 then it is illegal to at least have sex. Their parents may not approve though because 13 is so young and they will see it as if you are rushing.

Is it okay to kiss your best friend who is of the same sex but you are not gay?

Yes, it is always okay to kiss a friend, whether the friend is male or female, as long as your friend is okay with it.

Is it ok to french kiss at 13?

yes it is okay to french kiss at 13

Should a 13 year old have a girlfriend?

13 is an okay age to date.

Are guys okay without the sex component in a relationship?

put simply....NO!