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My husbands mom is a hair stylist and she told me that it is bad to wash ur hair everyday..u need ur natural oil in ur hair in order to make it grow healthy...wash ur hair every 3 or 4 days..brush your hair often so the oils can go down to your ends...Answer

Typically, no. Years ago, etiquette and hygiene books recommended you wash your hair once a week or once every two weeks. But with the advancement of hair care products and the creation of gentler products, it is maintained that you wash your hair daily. Of course, this depends on the shampoo you use. Gentle shampoos may be used daily, while others are recommended for once or twice a week use. Make sure you read the bottle carefully or ask your stylist if you have bought a salon�s formula.

The same is true of conditioners. Deep conditioners and oils are not recommended for daily use, as it can cause severe damage to the hair and scalp. However, there are many conditioners designed for daily use. Again, read the bottle carefully or ask your stylist.


Daily routine shampoo do not harm to hairs, infect shampoo clears dust and other materials from our head and makes it clean. Shampoo can harm hairs if it is not selected according to the nature of hairs. We should be aware about the type of our hair and accordingly should choose the shampoo or conditioner. There are some shampoo and conditioners present in the market who support all most every kind of hairs. Nizoral shampoo and Viviscal conditioner are the best one among them. Nizoral shampoo cleans our hairs and also treat dad, dry, red and itchy scalp. Viviscal conditioner provides shining to our hairs and also helps in growing new hairs.


well, its not bad but your hair wont be able to produce the oil needed to help it grow healthy. i wash my hair evey other day and am still able to maintain the shine and cleanliness of it as if i were to wash it every day.

My Own Thoughts....

I believe that shampoos are actually harmful to the scalp, including the roots of your hair. It may clean it, but it damages where the eye can not see. Back years ago, Greeks and Romans used natural and organics to clean hair, and skin! No wonder they looked so much more healthier than today! Back then they probably didn't even know what was a "split end". If you can, try using organic shampoos, and soaps! They work, and improve your hair, as well as the scalp.

Use olive oil, preferably Cretan olive oil, as a deep conditioning hair treatment. It's great to use on damaged, coloured or over processed hair and can really improve your hairs condition. It's also great for the scalp and can be good at getting rid of dandruff.

To treat your hair to this deep conditioning simply massage olive oil on your scalp and through your hair. Use just plain olive oil or rosemary infused olive oil for dark hair or chamomile infused olive oil for fair hair.

Leave it on your hair for around half an hour after covering your hair with a shower cap, cling film or plastic bag. Shampoo and style as normal.

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Q: Is shampooing daily harmful for the hair?
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Can you use conditioner instead of neutralizing shampoo?

i used conditioner instead of shampooing after hair relaxing is it harmful to the hair?

Can I kill head lice by shampooing my hair?

No, You will need to put lots of conditioner in your hair after shampooing and then comb through with a nit comb. Do this on a daily basis, for about a week. Good luck :)

What are the effects of shampooing and conditioning hair?

The effects of shampooing and conditioning your hair is it wont be greasy, will be easier the style and will have less knots.

Can you wipe the hair with towel after shampooing the hair?

Yes it works fine

What is shampooing?

It is when you rubb shampoo into your hair and wash it.

Does shampooing everyday make your hair fall out?


How do you explain how to disentangle hair after shampooing and explain the importance of considering the cuticle scales?

Explain how to disentangle hair after shampooing and explain the importance of considering the cuticle scales:

How often should one be shampooing their hair?

Most sources recommend that people should wash their hair daily or every 2 days. This is usually because if hair is not washed this often it can begin to look oily or greasy.

Can you color your hair on the same day of shampooing?

yes you can!

Can lack of showers cause dandruff?

Yes, dandruff can be caused by lack of showers. If you don't take enough showers, there is over activity of your oil glands. Shampooing daily will get rid of the oil and help prevent the dandruff. Therefore, if you don't take showers daily, you can't be shampooing daily, and therefore, your oil glands are producing more oil. Get the point? Also, some other causes of dandruff are: Stress, a high sugar intake, shampooing in hot water, low or no-fat diets, and blow-drying your hair.

Is oiling hair daily harmful?

No, many Sub-Saharan African tribes with widely renowned healthy hair oil their hair daily, before frying it and spreading it across pancakes with syrup and marmalade.

How to disentangle hair after shampooing?

start at the points of the hair and work backwards towards the roots

How do you disentangle the hair after shampooing?

To disentangle the hair after shampooing, rinse the hair well and apply some conditioner. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes. Take a wide toothed comb and comb the hair with the conditioner in it. Rinse well, dry and style as normal.

What safety considerations must be taken into account when shampooing and conditioning?

what are the safety considerations that must be be taken into accountwhen shampooing and condition hair

How do you disentangle hair after shampooing?

use some detangling spray.

Is Crayola paint permanent in hair?

No, repeated shampooing will take it out.

What are the five movements of shampooing?

wash your body and wash your hair

What is contact dermatitis and how to avoid developing it whilst carrying out shampooing and conditioning services?

describe how to avoid contact dermatitis when shampooing and conditionering the hair ??

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Is there something that you can do to make your hair grow faster?

no just take care of your hair by shampooing regularly and conditioning to

Will it damage your hair if you condition it without shampooing first?

Damage, no- you're hair will just be dirty still.

Can using shampoo make your hair fall out more than usual?

definitely not. shampooing your hair makes it healthier.

What are the dsadvantage of shampooing?

Hair Loss, Bald Spots, Acne, Loss of Limbs

What is a salons expected serving times for shampooing conditioning and treating the hair?


How do you remove polyurethane from hair?

Lots of shampooing with good shampoo and warm water.

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