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Yes, it is. If the discomfort does not ease, this is a sign of failure of the root treatment. I would suggest that if the discomfort is not severe, to wait a couple of weeks to see if it settles. An antiinflammatory drug such as ibuprofen is often recommended for a couple of days post-operatively. I hope this is of some use to you.

AnswerYes, after a root canal you might feel some pain for a few days, and then some discomfort for a few weeks every time you chew on that tooth. There are always exceptions where some people don't feel any pain at all, and others feel discomfort for a few months.
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Q: Is slight tooth discomfort normal after a root canal?
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How long after a root canal should a tooth be crowned?

Wait until you are totally off pain killers and antibiotics to make sure there is no pain/discomfort. Dont hurry anything, my dentist did and I had to redo the root canal and finally extract the tooth. Its almost 40 days now and my treatment is still on... :-(

After tooth pulled fever cold sweats?

I just had my tooth pulled yesterday that was infected, I too have a slight fever and had some sweating last night... That is normal when you have a fever

Do you need a crown after nerve removal?

After a root canal has been performed, the tooth will often become brittle and weak. This may lead to the tooth fracturing under normal stress. Depending on how the tooth fractures, it may not be possible to restore the tooth with a crown at that point. The tooth then will probably require extraction. Consider a crown a kind of insurance policy on the root canal.

Do you need a root canal?

i think if your tooth hurts when you drink something cold or hot then you should go to the dentist because you most likely need one --------------- I disagree with the above answer. There are many reasons that a tooth may feel pain when exposed to heat or cold, and very few of them have anything to do with a root canal. Often people who need root canals have had some trauma to the tooth and their dentist will recommend a root canal. In many people, they don't realize that a root canal is needed until it becomes infected after the tooth dies. In this case, you will feel a throbbing pain, especially when pressure is put on the area. A root canal is needed when a tooth dies. The death of the nerve inside the tooth can cause painful and dangerous infections. A root canal removes the dead tissue (root) of the tooth and can prevent the infections and discomfort.

Does a root canal increase the chances of losing a tooth?

No . . . the root canal procedure is intended to save the tooth.

What is the normal result of a root canal?

With successful root canal treatment, the tooth will no longer cause pain. However, because it does not contain an internal nerve, it no longer has sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweets.The restored tooth may last a lifetime

Is it normal for a root canal to discolor a tooth?

Yes, teeth that have root canals frequently turn dark over time.

Why has the tooth turned pink after root canal?

Your tooth should not be a color pink after a root canal! If the center of the tooth is a slight pink that could just be the (gutta percha) which is a rubber base material the dentist fills in the canal with, this take the space where the nerves use to be.. Gutta Percha color is pink... After a root canal and the gutta percha is packed in the canals, the dentist will then fill the center of your tooth with a white or silver filling. If you are not satified with the results simply ask you dentist to put a bit more white filling material on your tooth to hide color of material....most of the time dentist are ok doing that. Aunt Laura

What is d3330 root canal therapy?

that is a root canal of a molar tooth. Meaning the dentist is removing the nerve and pulp of the tooth.

I had a root canal done. but now i feel some pain on the tooth that is next to the tooth i had my root canal done.. is this normal?

Yes, this is very normal I can't remember what my dentist called it but she says its when one tooth has something done to it, automatically all the teeth around feel the pressure and strain. I had 4 root canals last week and at first I thought they had done a root canal to the tooth behind it also because it hurt so bad and all the sudden felt loose. They told me nothing had been done to it and that was perfectly normal and after like 2 days it went away.

What happens if you do not get a crown after root canal?

usually when you get a root canal there is not much tooth structure remaining and a crown helps support the tooth... so your tooth can break if you dont get a crown

What are consequences of getting your root canal therapy?

If your tooth needs a root canal and is not painful, then it must be a dead tooth. When a tooth is dead, it is a source of infection which is not good. It is possible that it could hurt in the future due to infection. Better to have the root canal done, because you're trying to save your tooth. If you don't have the root canal treatment done and your tooth continues to decay, the dentist might have to pull that tooth out in the future. Once you pull out your tooth, that's gone forever

Is baby tooth root canal effects the coming of permanent tooth?


Is replacing bonded tooth with a crown necessary to prevent root canal?

Is replacing bonded tooth with a crown necessary to prevent root canal?

What is more painful a tooth being pulled or a root canal?

Tooth being pulled. A root canal is not really that painful. It is uncomfortable because you have to keep your mouth open for a while. If you have to make the choice go with the rood canal land save the tooth.

What is in the root canal of a tooth?

nerves and arteries

How do you get rid of tooth roots?

root canal

When can I start eating after a root canal treatment?

The normal dental procedure is that an endondontist will perform the root canal operation, and then refer you back to a general dentist who will then cap the tooth with a suitable restoration, usually a crown. Until you have chance to fit the crown, avoid biting hard. The root canal procedure weakens the tooth, and the tooth is susceptible to fracture. If the root develops a fracture you will probably lose the tooth. You can start eating liquids and soft foods straight away. Avoid biting down on the exposed tooth until the crown is in place.

How can you tell if a tooth has gone bad under a crown that has a root canal?

If a tooth has a root canal filling you will not be able to know because the main factors of a tooth that has gone bad is sensitive to hot and cold or tender when putting any pressure on the tooth but if it has a root canal it is slightly different because the nerve is removed so you cant feel it. The tooth if it has a root canal will always go dark as the tooth is dead but this does not mean it is bad. The main sign of a bad tooth that has had root canal is an abscess under the tooth so if you feel pain when lying down that is keeping you awake at night or when leaning forward it really hurts then you have an abscess and that tooth will most probably have to be re-root canalled by a specialist or extracted! :)

After a tooth injury All teeth are in place pain is leaving but just noticed a very slight tooth discoloration will it eventually lighten up?

SORRY but the answer is no it won't. Your tooth has become dead or is dying. You would be advised to undergo a root canal treatment immediately and later a crown. DO not wait for the color to brighten up.It won't

How does a baby root canal work?

Not given to babies. ANOTHER ANSWER: Sometimes a procedure called a 'pulpotomy' is performed on baby teeth. It is essentially the same as a root canal procedure on an adult tooth. The tooth is numbed with local anesthetic, the tooth is opened with a dental drill, the nerve and the infection is removed, and filling material is used to restore the tooth. It will typically preserve the baby tooth until the tooth is lost in the normal process of growth or 'exfoliation' where baby teeth are lost to make room for the permanent teeth.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a method of saving an infected tooth that would otherwise have to be removed. When an infection or tooth decay is allowed to advance into the nerve of the tooth, a root canal treatment is the only hope of keeping the tooth. The dentist numbs the tooth with a local anesthetic, makes an opening in the tooth to gain access to the infection, and removes the infected tissue. The nerve is removed, the interior of the tooth is then disinfected, and the remaining space is filled with a plastic or rubber-like material to prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth. A root canal treatment is usually followed by placing a crown over the tooth.

What is the difference between normal tooth cavity filling and root canal treatment?

A filling is a way to restore or repair a tooth that has been damaged by decay or a fracture that has not reached the pulp chamber of the tooth. If the damage has reached the pulp chamber (the interior of the tooth where the nerve and blood supply are located) a root canal procedure needs to be done.In a simple filling, the decayed part of the tooth is removed and the space is filled and carved to resemble the natural shape of the tooth. In a root canal procedure, the decay is removed along with the nerve and the blood supply. The space is filled with a rubber material called gutta percha. Following a root canal, the tooth frequently needs to be restored with a crown because the tooth will become brittle and at risk of fracturing.A root canal is more involved than a filling and generally will cost more and sometimes take more than one appointment to complete.

Causes of a root canal?

A root canal procedure is done as a result of bacteria reaching into the root canal of a tooth. The remenents of the nerve and pulp is taken out and sealed. A crown is then put over the ground down tooth.

Can a tooth that has had a root canal become abscessed?