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There are people with blood fetishists who drink human blood, but a vampire is a person who physically needs the blood, not just enjoys drinking it. I have to drink blood or my heart goes crazy and I feel like my chest is splitting in half. Then blood comes out of my pores on my hand and I have to drink that. This has happened since I was born. Everyone at school calls me a vampire because my canine teeth are unusually large and also because if I bleed i suck more blood out. When I see blood I go crazy and my heart wants it. My chest starts up again and blood runs out. All my classmates are totally freaked out when it happens cause I look like I'm having some sort of seizure. My favorite blood type is O negative. It's the sweetest kind. My sister does this too. She is weaker about denying blood during the day. I'm weaker at night. That's when the worst pain of all starts. That's when I usually drink the blood. If I miss a day of drinking blood horrible things happen. I did that once and I woke up with blood all over me and three severed rabbit heads were beside me. My mom was so freaked out that she nearly passed out. Ever since then I've been careful not to forget to drink blood. Does that make me a vampire? What about my sister?

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Q: Is someone who drinks blood considered a vampire?
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Where is the action verb in only the vampire bat drinks blood which?


Is renesmee a vampire and drinks blood?

She's half vampire and half human and yes, she sucks blood.

What is a vapanese?

It's where a vampire drinks the blood of something and kills it. The word comes from the movie Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. A vampire drinks the blood of something but makes sure that he or she doesn't kill it.

Does Mina Harker drink human blood?

No, but she drinks Vampire's blood

What if they said only the vampire bat drinks blood which one is an action verb?


What does vampire means?

Vampire mean a person who is immortal and drinks other peoples blood.

Does the vampire bat eat insects?

It drinks blood, that's why it is called a vampire bat.

Can anyone be a vampire?

Yes, anyone who drinks vampire blood can be a vampire, but they need to have the virus first. No. No one can be a vampire. Vampires do not exist.

Why is Bunnicula not a vampire?

Hes not a vampire because he doesn't drink blood he drinks the juice of vegetables

What happens to the animal a vampire bat drinks blood from?


How you make a vampire?

According to legand, A vampire bat bites a human and they turn into a vampire an then the vampire other changes a human or drinks their blood.

Do bats drink blood if an animal is dead?

Only the Vampire Bat drinks blood.

Am I considered a vampire if I eat blood?

If you drink blood, you are not necessarily a vampire. You may get sick from any contaminants that are in the blood, though. Most people require other vampiric signs, like not being able to go out in the sunlight, before they will call someone a vampire.

How do you make someone a vampire?

A vampire has to bite someone to make them a vampire. Then the vampire must feed the victim some of his own blood.

Does Walmart sell True Blood Drinks?

Yea, in the Vampire section!!!

If vampire bites human then what happen?

when a vampire bites a human the human can turn into a vampire or the vampire can drink all of the humans blood and kill them

How does a bat acquire blood?

it drinks it like a vampire, it bite the neck of the animal it is consuming and kind of drinks the blood so as the blood is flowing out of the animal the bat drinks it like fruit punch :) it just drinks it regularly

Will your dog go vicious if it taste blood?

only if you beat it to much and it drinks its own blood, or its a vampire

Can you exchange blood with a vampire?

In vampire myths and stories, to drink the blood of the vampire is usually to be infected by him. For example: this takes place in "Dracula" when Dracula forces Mina to drink blood from a wound he makes in his chest, and in Interview With A Vampire when Lestat allows Louis and Claudia to drink his blood. But the vampire drinks the blood of his victim to sustain him.

What kind of vampire is Edward?

He is not a normal vampire. First, He drinks animal blood, not human blood. Second, he can read minds, which means he's not a normal abnormality.

What species of butterflies drinks blood?

It is not a species of butterfly that drinks blood, but a moth. The species of moth which can drink blood from animals and even humans is the Calyptra also known as the vampire moth.

What is the vampire's diet?

blood Actually a vampire steals life-force. Their are many types of vampires, only a small subset drinks blood. If, however, we were talking about the vampire bat, then the answer definitely is blood.

Can a vampire die if it drinks the blood of a werewolf?

No just turn into a werewolf. if I was a werewolf i would never let it drink my blood

What type of vampire is Edward Cullen from Twilight?

Edward Cullen Is An Olympian Vampire Plus He Is A Vegetarian Vampire (Witch's what he calls him self instead of a vampire that drinks human blood)

What is it called when an animal eat or drinks blood?

When an animal eats or drinks blood it is call vampirism. The vampire bat who lives in the tropics of Mexico are the only mammals to live on an entirely blood diet.