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The taste of something is a chemical property, not a reaction.

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Sour taste is a result of a chemical property. Certain chemicals - acids in particular - produce a sour taste when they come in contact with the appropriate taste buds. The chemical interaction of those chemicals with the taste buds yeilds a stimulus of those taste buds that the brain interprets as "sour".

yes See Is Sour Milk a physical or chemical change for more info

A sour taste results from chemical content -- the substance triggers chemical receptors on the tongue (sometimes also odor receptors in the nose). A sour flavor results from a chemical change within certain foods, or from the growth of microorganisms in the food.

The anomalous taste of milk is the result of a biochemical process.

A sour taste is chemical and it can be caused by anything from bad teeth; problems with digesting food; Acid Relux where the acid comes from the stomach up through the throat to the back of the throat giving off a acidic and sour taste in the mouth so, it's part hormonal and chemical.

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Sour taste is associated with acids (technically, pH less than 7).

Milk going sour is a chemical change.

Physical changes are like water turning into ice, they can be reversed. Chemical changes form a new substance. Soured milk can not be reversed, so it is chemical.

Milk turning sour is a chemical change.

Acids (pH <7) have a sour taste, like lemons; Bases (pH >7) have a bitter taste, like grapefruit.

Sour-tasting and corrosive substances will be acidic, or have a pH of

Milk going sour would be considered a chemical change. The sour taste and smell come from bacteria and chemicals reacting, and milk cannot revert to its original freshness once it has soured.

no bases do not taste sour they taste bitter, acids taste sour

Sour!! it is also a strong chemical taste,take a swig of bleach you will find out

Acids taste sour because sour is acid.

Acids create the sour taste. Most of the fruits have sour taste.

Both: a physical change as the curds (solids) separates from the whey (liquid), and a chemical change as the decomposition of the milk takes place, producing molds on the surface and a sour smell and taste.

Acids have frequently a sour taste.

The same reason you flinch and feel pain when you hurt yourself. It's a reaction to your taste buds to something sharp and extreme in flavor such as a sour.

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