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Q: Is splenda healthier than surgar
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Is Splenda healthier than Equal?

yes! splenda is healthier!

What is better sugar or splenda?

Splenda is sweeter, but sugar is healthier. Splenda is 180 times as sweet as sugar.

What can you do to avoid problems with sugar?

always always check the sugar levels if there more than 5% cut back and you can substitute the sugar for splenda and it will taste the same but is healthier

Is iced tea bad for you?

No,not at all! It is actually healthier with out sugar,syrup or Splenda!

Is unsweetened iced tea bad for you?

No,not at all! It is actually healthier with out sugar,syrup or splenda!

Is splenda better than equal?

yes there is no sugar in splenda.

What melts in ice faster splenda or sugar?

Splenda because it has more chemicals in it,then regular sugar which is more natural than Splenda.

What is the boiling point of water AND splenda?

it takes a longer time to boil than just water and sugar, because of the other chemicals added to splenda. The splenda reacts slower than the sugar.

Is regular sugar healthier than splenda?

No. Regular sugar turns to fat, which isn't good for any thing. I also, regular sugar elevates blood sugar and if too much is eaten you'll get a sugar rush

Is Splenda safer to use than Stevia?

In my humble opinion, Stevia is safer to use than Splenda. This is because Stevia comes from a natural plant.

A recipe calls for one half cups of surgar and three eighth cup flour how much more surgar than flour is needed for the recipe?

one eighth

Is p.e. healthier than health?

is p.e. healthier than health

How many grams of sugar are in a packet of Splenda?

The above is total nonsense. 1g of Splenda contains .95 grams of dextrose and maltodextrin, both with a glycemic index of 105 (gets into your blood as glucose faster than table sugar with a glycemic index of 100). So, if you count maltodextrin as a sugar (really a sugar polymer), it's 95% sugar and 5% sucralose.

Is strawberry healthier than vanilla?

Yes strawberry is healthier than vanilla

Is a grape healthier than an orange?

Yes a grape is healthier than an orange.

How much splenda to use in ice cream?

Identical to ordinary sugar. However Splenda tastes more bitter to me than sweet, I won't us any.

Is fish healthier than chicken?

duhhhh.. well healthier than fried chicken :]

Is subway healthier than McDonald's?

Subway has the potential to be healthier than McDonald's. If a person orders a vegetarian sub with no dressings it is considered healthier than McDonald's burgers for example.

Is healthier food really good for you?

Depends on what you consider "healthier." Oatmeal is healthier than your typical cereal coated in sugar, but cereal in itself is still healthier than fried chicken. In general, healthier food is better for you because it is the better choice.

Is canola oil healthier than vegetable oil?

No, the vegetable is healthier than the canola oil

Is black rice healthier than brown?

Yes black rice is healthier than brown.

Is coconut water healthier than water?

Yes coconut water is healthier than water

Is raw fruit healthier than ripe fruit?

If you mean is unripe fruit healthier? No. Is raw fruit healthier than cooked? I would say yes.

Is hockey healthier than swimming?

yes it's healthier!

Which is healthier juice or milk?

milk is healthier than juice