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Q: Is subway better than jimmy johns?
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Why is subway better than Pizza Hut?

You can't compare subway and pizza hut its like comparing apples and organges

Is quiznos better than subway?

Subway is the best ever, it beats THUNDER CLOUD (Megan), quiznos, and Jason's deli.

Does subway own McDonald's?

No. Mcdonalds is owned by Mcdonalds Corporation while Subway (Restaurant) is owned by Doctor's Associates If own is used in the context of "better than", yes as Subway is much more healthier than Mcdonalds. Also, there are more Subway chains than Mcdonald resteraunts.

Who is better Vito or Jimmy in Mafia II?

It is too difficult to choose . But I have got the answer . Jimmy is better than Vito . As Jimmy is the most bad-ass mafia killer in Mafia II.

Is jimmy johns slow?

Yes, for example. I ordered a sandwich 40 minutes ago and it still hasnt been delievered. When a pizza comes faster than a sandwich, there are issues.

Is jimmy page doing any tours in 2009?

No. And this question does not belong in the Jonas Brothers section. Jimmy Page deserves better than them.

Is Kid vs Kat better than Jimmy Two-Shoes?

Of Course! Check out Kid vs. Kat's ratings on "" compared to Jimmy Two-Shoes.

Is McDonald's healthier than Subway?

No, not at all. Subway is healthier than McDonald's. For one thing, Subway does not use oil for the most part; whereas many of McDonald's foods are fried. Also, Subway does not sell a lot of beef; cows today are raised on "factory" farms where they may never get out of the barn and are in a small, confined space, are fed grains that very likely contain GMOs, and may be given synthetic hormones that are classified as drugs. Also, Subway offers a variety of vegetables, which are always better for health than a hamburger and fries.

Where do you get an application form for Subway?

online Make sure you visit the Subway you want to work at before submitting your application so you can introduce yourself to the franchise owner. This is better than just sending an online application and waiting by the phone.

Is subway healthier than McDonald's?

Subway has the potential to be healthier than McDonald's. If a person orders a vegetarian sub with no dressings it is considered healthier than McDonald's burgers for example.

Is Alan carr older than jimmy carr?

Jimmy Carr is older than than Alan Carr. Alan is 34 and jimmy is 38

How many subway locations are there currently in the US?

There are more than 3,000 Subway locations currently in the US 2011

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