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jimmy johns subs are fast made and so good! subway is of course the runner up. jimmy johns is bigger!

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Q: Which is bigger jimmy johns or subway?
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Is subway better than jimmy johns?


When was Johns Hopkins Hospital - Baltimore Metro Subway station - created?

Johns Hopkins Hospital - Baltimore Metro Subway station - was created in 1995.

Is jimmy johns open on Christmas?


Is Subway better or Jimmy Johns?

Jimmy John's is obviously the stronger contender. The ingredients that Jimmy John's uses are fresh daily; they use cheeses produced from milk from free range cows, subway uses milk from cows who are abused and in cages their whole lives. Jimmy John's uses meat that is delivered to them on a daily bases and never frozen which they hand cut and cook themselves, subway uses pre-sliced, precooked meat in a bag which they warm up in hot water baths. Subway does bake their own bread on site, but they use it for 4 days and use pre made dough from a bag. Jimmy Johns makes their own dough and bakes it on a daily bases. The vegetables at Jimmy Johns are delivered daily and grown organically, subway's are delivered frozen on a weekly bases and are grown with chemicals in bulk. The service at Jimmy John's is clearly cleaner, faster, and friendlier. Every time when I go to Jimmy John's I am greeted with respect. They make their subs at an average of 53 seconds, not including the gargantuan. Subway makes their subs at an average of 1 minute and 47 seconds, not including toasted subs and I have never been greeted as I walked into a subway. The facilities at Jimmy John's are visually cleaner, but not only that, Jimmy John's sanitary rules for the kitchen and prep area go above and beyond the FDA's requirements, while subway meets the bare minimum of these standards. Economically speaking Jimmy John's is a lot more affordable. The regular 8" sub at Jimmy John's costs 4.50, the clubs 5.50. At subway the '$5 foot longs' include 3 subs. A typical 6" costs 5.00 and a footlong 8.00. Also, Jimmy John's is paying much more for the ingredients they use and the preparation methods they use compared to subway.

Is jimmy johns a public company?

Jimmy Johns is still a private company because 67% of the company is owned by one person.

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Are there any websites that can help me find jimmy johns coupons?

If you go to they offer Jimmy Johns coupons immediatly. You might also be able to find coupons in places like the newspaper. These are some places that I would suggest to find Jimmy Johns coupons.

What time does jimmy johns close?

10:10 Jimmy John's closes at 10 pm, but because everyone has different clock, Jimmy Johns will close at 10:10pm by their clocks just to be fair to everyone.

Who is the actress in a towel in Jimmy Johns commercial?

Meztelen Nói

What can you eat in Minnesota?

Fast food restaraunts: Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic, KFC, Hardees, Wendy's, Jimmy Johns, Subway, pretty much all the major fast food places are here

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