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Is suicide against the law in the UK if so what happens if you attempt it and fail?

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Suicide is not against the law in the UK. It was until the 1961 Suicide Act which legalised it and introduced laws which dealt with assistance of suicide. Prior to 1961 suicide was illegal in the UK and was punishable by prison and fines (but not death!)

2007-08-09 21:21:53
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Is suicide against the law in the USA if so what happens if you attempt it and fail?

No, it is not against the law however it does go against many Church beliefs. I don't know about what this person is saying because if you attempt suicide and fail police can take you into custedy and put you in the hospital were they can put a hold on you and you lose your freedom.

If you attempt suicide and fail do you have to fill out a statement?

People who attempt suicide usually make a statement beforehand; this is called a "suicide note". "Committing" suicide is completing the act successfully; only an attempt may fail. If you tried to kill yourself and failed, count yourself lucky and GET HELP; make any related statements to a therapist or counselor.

What happens to someone who attempts suicide with an overdose of Tylenol pm?

A suicide attempt with Tylenol is painful. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and irritability are all symptoms of an overdose. Tylenol affects the liver and may cause the liver to fail requiring a transplant, and they will experience all the symptoms of liver failure including jaundice, diarrhea, swollen abdomen, easy bleeding, fatigue, and mental conditions. Tylenol may also cause kidney, heart, and multiple organ failure. People who survive a Tylenol suicide attempt regret the attempt greatly.

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What is meant by 'suicide attempt'?

well it is when they try to kill them selfs, and fail/are stopped. can be they tried an action (slitting wrists, shooting them selfs etc.) but survived it, or that they were stopped at the last minute.

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How do you put suicide into a sentence?

Many hotlines work to prevent suicide. Many people who fail in their attempts to commit suicide say they are glad they failed.

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No, because if you try to kill yourself and succeed its suicide but if try to kill yourself and fail then its attempted suicide.

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Is it illegal to commit suicide?

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