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Is svr 2011 on psp?

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Yes there is Smackdown VS. Raw 2011 for psp!

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no i have the game there are no announcer tables.

$60 For the psp it will cost $40.

nope only xbox 360 and ps3

create him or download him psp online he is not avalible for svr 10

No. The Nexus is downloadable, but only on PS3, PSP and Xbox 360.

you can't only ps3 and xbox 360 can DLC

yep. Wait for svr 10 though.

I don't have any idea how. Why are you even asking :P

code for unlocking the wade barette is smriti mukerjee spidy

check only in the xbox 360 and ps3 you can download them from the internet.

svr 2011 is normal svr 2011 limited edition has the downloadable code for bret hart

SvR 2011 because it has more realistic gameplay than SvR 2010..I rate 6.2 for SvR 2010 and 7.1 for SvR 2011

The Nexus doesn't attack you in SVR. They're not in the game, but they can be downloaded on Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP. But they are just like other characters, and won't attack you unexpectedly.

You can't. In one of the RTWMs in SVR 2010 you could, but unfortunately you can't in SVR 2011.

The PSP version, no. All other consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, WII, and PS2) yes

SVR 2011 was released October 26, 2010.

The Great Khali is not in svr 2011.

I have svr 2011 wii and my answer is you have to pre-order svr 2011 to get Bret hart on any game station.

You can't unlock any gms in svr 2011.

Theodore "Teddy" Long is not in svr 2011.

No. NXT is not in any way featured in SVR 2011.

You can download her from PlayStation Store.

Because the PSP detected data corruption when connecting to the server.

easy just go to click the upper part called svr hacks