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Swaziland is a real country. It is a land locked country in Southern Africa. Capital Lobamba. Gained independence from the UK 6th September 1968. Population 1,185,000, area 7604 square miles
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Does Swaziland have money?

Answer . Swiss Francs.. Every county has currency.. Swaziland has its own currency called LiLangeni (singular) / Emalangeni (plural) abbreviated, SZL.. It is units and cents. Swaziland is a member of the Rand Monetary Area whose members are linked to the South African currency, the RAND (R). M ( Full Answer )

What is the life expectancy of Swaziland?

Swaziland has a life expectancy of 48.87 years. It is one of thelowest in the world because of the high rate of AIDs and extremepoverty.

What are some major cities in Swaziland?

Big Bend (yes, Big Bend) Lobamba, Piggs Peak, Mhlume, Mbabane,Manzini, Mankayane, Lavumisa, and Ngwenya are some of the majorcities in Swaziland.

What is absolute location of Swaziland?

co ordinates of the capital Mbabane are 26.19 south 31.8 east it is a land locked country in Southern Africa bounded by South Africa on the North, South and West and on the East by Mozambique

Colors of swaziland?

The flag has three horizontal colours, blue top and bottom, yellow top and bottom underneath the top and above the bottom blue and the centre is red

What are the religions in Swaziland?

The CIA World Factbook lists the following religions and the percentage of adherents in Swaziland:. Zionist 40% (a blend of Christianity and indigenous ancestral worship) . Roman Catholic 20% . Muslim 10% . other (includes Anglican, Bahai, Methodist, Mormon, Jewish) 30%

What are some swaziland foods?

Sishwala, porridge with meat and vegetables Sitfubi, sour porridge with fermented cornmeal Siphuphe Setindlubu, thick porridge of mashed ground nuts Emasi emabele, Ground Sorghum mixed with sour milk Tinkhobe, boiled whole maize Tjwala, traditional beer

Who colonised swaziland?

Colonial rule (incomplete) was established by Great Britain between 1902 and 1968. Early in King Mswati,s reign the British were asked to protect Swaziland from continuous Zulu raids. At this time the Transvaal Boers settled in the Kingdom. In 1906 the Transvaal Colony took over responsible governme ( Full Answer )

Is swaziland a rich or poor country?

it has a lower-middle income economy. GDP per capita of $4000.00 and 14% are below the 'dollar a day' poverty level. The poorest groups live in rural areas, water from a well, sanitation by pit latrine, cooking over a wood fire and lighting from kerosene lamps. Dwellings are made from timber, plasti ( Full Answer )

How do people celebrate Christmas in Swaziland?

Christmas in Swaziland is celebrated very much like it is in theUS. People attend a midnight mass on December 25th. They thenreturn home and cook and prepare a meal which is eaten by thefamily. The next morning they celebrate by singing Christmas carolsand opening presents.

What are some plants that live in swaziland?

Forest, grassland, ferns and flowering plants. There are about 2600 species, some found only in Swaziland. Some are Acacia, Lantana, Partrnium, Psidium, Sesbania, Datura, Hakea, Jacaranda, Lilium, Opuntia, Ricinus and Rubus and many more

Does Swaziland have a landmark?

i am doing a project on Swaziland and i have searched everywhere and have not found any significant landmarks of Swaziland

Is Swaziland a developed country?

no! Note that Education in Swaziland is neither free nor compulsory. In 1996, the net primary school enrollment rate was 90.8 percent, with gender parity at the primary level. In 1998, 80.5 percent of children reached grade 5. The country however does have a University (the University of Swaz ( Full Answer )

Is Swaziland wealthy?

no, residents earn less that $4000.00 per anum, with a high percentage of the rural population earning less than $1.00 a day

What do people in swaziland do for a living?

Some 75% earn a small living from subsistence agriculture. High value crops are grown such as sugar, forestry and citrus fruits. 70% of the county's production is sent to South Africa

What is Swaziland known for?

their hing and his many wives. last count was 13 wives and 3 fiances. His last wife was 2 years younger than his daughter, and 2 of his wives left him by running away.

Is Swaziland located in Eastern Africa?

It would be more accurate to say that it is in Southern Africa. It is on the east side of Africa, but very much to the south, so more in south-eastern Africa. See the map at the link below.

What is traded in Swaziland?

Swaziland grows and trades in sugar cane, cotton, corn, tobacco, rice, citrus fruits, pineapples, sorghum, peanuts, cattle, goats and sheep. Industries include coal, wood pulp, sugar, soft drink concentrates, textiles and apparel. Swaziland has suffered some loss of trade, however, due to increased ( Full Answer )

How big is Swaziland?

Swaziland has a population of about 1,123,913 (according to the CIA World Factbook, April 2009) in an area of 17,363 sq km.

What is swazilands education level?

Ilitteracy rate is about 20%. There are Government, Missions and Private schools. There is 529 primary schools with over 205,000 pupils and something like 6000 teachers. Higher education is provided by the University with 460 teachers and 5600 students. Schooling in not compulsory and parents are ch ( Full Answer )

How did swaziland get its name?

Swaziland country's name was from King Mswati II. The country hasan alternate name KaNgwane from King Ngwane III. The people ofSwaziland are called Swazis.

Are there cars in Swaziland?

Do you mean are there or do you mean are their. The answer in any event is yes their are or no their are not. (Educated in Biloxi Mississippi).

What lakes are found in Swaziland?

There are no lakes in Swaziland but there wet areas caused by dams. The Maguga Dam, Motshane Dam, Mnjoi Dam, Jozini Dam, Hawane Dam, and the Sand River Dam. There are seasonal wetlands, swamps, marshes and pools

What is the location of Swaziland?

swaziland is located in south africa and by swaziland there is lesotho which is also located in swaziland

What clothes do people in Swaziland wear?

Women in Swaziland wear dresses, skirts, slacks, and blouses. Menwear lightweight lounge suits, slacks and sportcoats for formalwear. Or they wear long or short trousers, and shorts and casualshirts.

Why is Swaziland an LEDC?

It is an LEDC because it is a very poor country and a large numberof people have AIDs.

What are some plants in swaziland?

Acacia, Lantana, Parthenium, Psidium, Sesbania, Solanum, Datura, Hakea, Jacaranda, Lilium, Melia, Opuntia and many more

Is swaziland close to new zealand?

No, Swaziland is in Africa. But there is an NZ clothing manufacturer called Swazi , who takes his name from the country, with which he has fond connection.

What was the death rate of Swaziland in 2008?

Year Death rate Rank Percent Change Date of Information . 2003. 21.08. 10. 2003 est.. 2004. 25.26. 3. 19.83 %. 2004 est.. 2005. 28.82. 2. 14.09 %. 2005 est.. 2006. 29.74. 1. 3.19 %. 2006 est.. 2007. 30.35. 1. 2.05 %. 2007 est.. 2008. 30.7. 1. 1.15 %. 2008 est.. 20 ( Full Answer )

What is a well loved dish in swaziland?

Staple food in Swaziland include sorghum and maize, both which are types of grain. Meat stews are also very popular, which is served with sorghum and corn on the cob. Lastly, prawns and other seafood are also popular dishes.

Is swaziland a real country in Africa?

Yes! Swaziland is located between South Africa and Mozambique and is extremely small. It is a monarchy and its current king is KING MSWATI III.

Is swaziland the same as Switzerland?

My god no. Swaziland is a landlocked country in southern Africa andSwitzerland is an another landlocked country but located in Westernand Central Europe

What are lesotho and swaziland?

Lesotho and Swaziland are both small, landlocked countries entirely surrounded by South Africa. They are both monarchies and are very traditional and indigeous.

What are three places to visit in Swaziland?

One can visit Mantenga cultural village and enjoy Swazi culture. Weekend shows begin at 11:15am and 3pm local time. There are numerous handmade manufacturing factories that one could visit such as the Ngwenya glass - where one can appreciate the age old ark of glass blowing. There is a factory shop ( Full Answer )

What does the Swaziland flag stand for?

the blue stands for peace.the red stands for the past battles.the yellow stands for the resources of Swaziland. Italy Owens wrote this

Are there deserts in Swaziland?

There are no deserts in Swaziland. The climate variesfromtropical to neartemperate. The geography is slightly moutainous and hilly.

What is the telephone country code for Swaziland?

Swaziland is country code +268. (The plus signmeans "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile phone, you can enter the number in full internationalformat, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00,but North America (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011, and many other ( Full Answer )

Who was the Prime Minister of Swaziland in 2011?

Barnabus Sibusiso Dlamini was the Prime Minister of Swaziland in 2011. . This is Dlamini's second time as Prime Minister of Swaziland. His first term as prime minister was from 1996 July 26 to 2003 September 29. After this, he was appointed as a member of King Mswati III's advisory council. D ( Full Answer )

Who was the Prime Minister of Swaziland in 2002?

Barnabus Sibusiso Dlamini was the Prime Minister of Swaziland in 2002. . This was Dlamini's first time as Prime Minister of Swaziland from 1996 July 26 to 2003 September 29. After this term, he was appointed as a member of King Mswati III's advisory council. Dlamini was later reappointed as p ( Full Answer )

Who was the Prime Minister of Swaziland in 2001?

Barnabus Sibusiso Dlamini was the Prime Minister of Swaziland in 2001. . This was Dlamini's first time as Prime Minister of Swaziland from 1996 July 26 to 2003 September 29. After this term, he was appointed as a member of King Mswati III's advisory council. Dlamini was later reappointed as p ( Full Answer )

What is the longest river in swaziland?

The Maputo River. Total length 300 Kms. Also called the Great Usutu River, The Lutusfu River or Suthu River flowing through Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa