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Is the 1994 mustang gt faster than 1998 mustang gt?

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Out of the box I would say the 98 given the right driver could win that battle. However the 94 with a pushrod V8 will tend to have much more torque down low whereas the 98 breathed a bit more up top. I prefer the 94 as the engine is larger and cheaper to upgrade.AnswerI'm not sure which one breaks down faster, the 94 had problems with the heads, and the 98 has the cracked rod problem...

you asked for it..

drive safely

The 94/95 were in no way faster than the later Mustangs. Yeah, yeah they had better torque throughout lower rpm's, but the 281 was a brand new motor in 96. The 302 came out in what year 196?'s. The 94/95 will have it off the line, but as soon as you reach for the first shift the 96+ will be gaining it back. No high speed race would ever even compare. The rev happy OHC motors will take the race anytime.

idk ive driven both and the 94 95 are faster andi belive 96-98 are the slowest v8 for mustangs that's why they changed it in 99

2011-09-13 05:15:21
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yes a 2008 mustang is faster than a 1969 mustang

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A ford gt is faster.

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it is faster than you 1,000

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Depends on the mustang. Lightning is 380 horsepower but weighs in at 4500 pounds.

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How fast is a 2008 mustang GT automatic?

faster than the 08 v6