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No, there are way too many of them on the road. I have a 1984 S-10 and I am currently restoring it to origanal. I will be apply for an antique tag.

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What was the last year for the short wheel base Chrysler Town and Country?

The last short wheel base was the 2007 model year.

What does SWB mean?

Short Wheel Base

What is the kerb weight of a transit 350 short wheel base med roof van?

kerb wieght of ford transit short wheel base

What is lwb van?

Long wheel base (lwb) van as opposed to a short wheel base (swb) van.

Can you put a 3.2 V6 long wheel base engine in a short wheel base vauxhall frontera?

no it is too big

1992 Ford F150 front fuel tank capacity?

(short wheel base ) 16.5 (long wheel base) 19

What is the wheel base for an 1983 s10 short box?


What is weight of 1998 Dodge Caravan?

curb weight short wheel base 3528 lbs long wheel base 3680 lbs

How many gallons of gas will a 2001 Ford Ranger gas tank hold?

16.5 short wheel base 20 long wheel base

What is a 1972 Chevy c-10 wheelbase?

They had a short wheel base truck and a long wheel base truck. The short bed truck had a 115" wheelbase. The long bed truck had a 127" wheelbase.

1972 w100 Dodge wheel base specification?

what is the wheel base for a 1972 dodge 4x4 w100 short box 360 engine 4 speed manual?

How long is a 1984 Toyota truck frame?

A short wheel base frame is 102" and some change from axle to axle. Long wheel base is 112" and some change.

How manygallons gas does 2000 ford f150 lariat extended cab with trithen v8?

25 gallons with the short wheel base / 30 gallons with the long wheel base

How do you tell if you have a short or long wheel base Van on a 2001 Pontiac Montana?

Measure from the center hub of the front wheel to the center hub of the rear wheel.

How do you check fuel pump circuit on a 2001 ford F 4.6 four wheel drive short wheel base?


What is the fuel capacity for a 2000 ford ranger single cab?

Regular cab , short wheel base ( 16.5 gallons ) Regular cab , long wheel base ( 20 gallons )

What is the wheel base of a 59 Chevy Fleetline short bed truck?

The fleetline is a passenger car model. Perhaps you mean fleetside. The Fleetside is a truck model. The 59 Chevy Fleetside short bed pickup truck has a 114 inch wheel base.

What is the wheel base of a 1985 S-10 extended cab short box?

the wheelbase is 122.9"

Was there a Ford F150 supercab in short wheel base 4x4 made in 1978?

No, the short box Supercab was never a 4x4 from the factory in the 70's.

Does anyone know what the curb weight of a 1993 Silverado short wheel base fleet side 2 wheel drive is?

Look on the driver's door jam.

How many gallons does a 2001 ford ranger xlt have?

regular cab short wheel base - 16.5 gallons regular cab long wheel base- 20.0 gallons supercab - 19.5 gallons according to owner's manual

What is fuel capacity for 1998 Ford Ranger?

According to the 1998 Ford Ranger Owner Guide : Regular cab , short wheel base ( 16.6 U.S. gallons ) Regular cab , long wheel base ( 20.0 ) SuperCab ( 19.6 )

What is the wheelbase for a 2002 Ford Ranger?

According to the 2002 Ford Ranger Owner Guide : Regular cab , short wheel base ( 111.4 inches ) Regular cab , long wheel base ( 117.4 inches ) SuperCab ( 125.7 inches )

How would you measure wheel base of a 1993 Chevy pick up?

From center of front wheel to center of rear wheel that will tell you the wheel base.

What is a standard wheel base for a 1970 Dodge Challenger?

110.0 inches was the wheel base.