Is the Apple iPhone better than a droid?

No. The Droid is so much better. The only thing that is better about the iPhone than the Droid is that the iPhone has a bigger app store but the Droid is increasing their app store or Market at a rapid pace and is expected to have a bigger app store than the iPhone.

iPhone advantages: App store size

Droid advantages: Better operating system

More efficient operating system

Much faster

Better camera

More options like its more than a phone

Capable to work with android tablets

Android staff has more time to make better upgrades and such for Droids for example: Apple has to constantly make better iPhones, Ipods, Computers, Laptops, Ipads, TVs while the only thing android has is phones and tablets which is definitely not a bad thing because that means android has more time to dedicate to android users to have a easier and more pleasurable time.

Thickness. If you have held a iPhone then you know it is very thick. If you have held a iPod then you know it is very thin. The new Droid Razr is as thin as a iPod.