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Is the Jewish language Hebrew?


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September 24, 2017 8:57PM

There are dozens of Jewish languages. The most common are Hebrew and Yiddish.

Here is a list of other Jewish languages in addition to Hebrew and Yiddish, though most languages on this list are threatened, endangered, or extinct:

Cushitic languages

  1. Kayla
  2. Qwara

Semitic languages

  1. Judeo-Arabic
  2. Judeo-Iraqi Arabic
  3. Judeo-Moroccan Arabic
  4. Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic
  5. Judeo-Tunisian Arabic
  6. Judeo-Yemeni Arabic
  7. Judeo-Aramaic
  8. Hulaulá (Persian Kurdistani Jewish Neo-Aramaic)
  9. Jewish Palestinian Aramaic (extinct)
  10. Galilean dialect (extinct)
  11. Lishana Deni (Zakho Jewish Neo-Aramaic)
  12. Lishan Didan (Persian Azerbaijani Jewish Neo-Aramaic)
  13. Lishanid Noshan (Arbil Jewish Neo-Aramaic)

Non-Semitic Afro-Asiatic languages

  1. Judeo-Berber

Iranian languages

  1. Judeo-Bukharic (Bukhari, Bukhori, Judeo-Tajik)
  2. Judeo-Golpaygani
  3. Judeo-Hamedani
  4. Judeo-Persian (Dzhidi, Jidi)
  5. Judeo-Shirazi
  6. Judeo-Tat (Juhuri)

Romance languages

  1. Judeo-Aragonese
  2. Judeo-Catalan
  3. Judeo-French (Zarphatic)
  4. Judeo-Italian
  5. Judeo-Piedmontese
  6. Judeo-Portuguese
  7. Judeo-Provençal (Shuadit)
  8. Judeo-Spanish (Judezmo, Ladino)
  9. Haketia
  10. Tetuani

Non-Romance Indo-European languages

  1. Judeo-Czech (Knaanic)
  2. Judeo-Greek (Romaniyot, Yevanic)
  3. Judeo-Marathi
  4. Turkic languages
  5. Judeo-Crimean Tatar (Krymchak) (almost extinct)
  6. Karaim (almost extinct)

Other languages

  1. Judeo-Georgian
  2. Judeo-Malayalam (almost extinct)
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October 08, 2015 6:24AM

During the Diaspora, Jews have had a number of languages, including Yiddish, Ladino, Judeo-Arabic, and others. These "internal" languages served as an aid against assimilation. However, the main Jewish language, from the earliest times and continuing to today, is Hebrew. Hebrew is the language of the Hebrew Bible, of Jewish prayer, and of Jewish scholarship (though the Talmud is a blend of Hebrew and its linguistic cousin, Aramaic).

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