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There are several species of spitting cobras, the King Cobra is not one of them.

Black-Necked Spitting Cobra

Black Spitting Cobra

Western Barred Spitting Cobra

Red Spitting Cobra

Mozambique Spitting Cobra

Malaysian Spitting Cobra

Black and White Spitting Cobra

Sumatran Spitting Cobra

Nubian Spitting Cobra

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Q: Is the King cobra the only venom spitting snake?
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How far can a king cobra spit its venom?

King Cobra's cannot spit its venom only spitting cobra's can. Like the red Spitting Cobra, King Cobra's are not true cobra's their genus is Ophiophagus which means snake-eater in greek which their main diet is other snakes, true cobras genus is Naja. Spitting cobra's are true cobra's cause there genus is Naja. This answer was improved by murfdog221.

Are king cobra the same as spitting cobras?

no, the king cobra is the largest and most dangerous of all the cobras but it does not spit venom and it is not classified as a spitting cobra.

What chemicals are in a king cobra snake?


What snake spits venom?

A king cobra.

Do king cobra spit venom?

No, King Cobras cannot spit venom. Only spitting cobras can. they inject venom

Is king cobra venom stronger than rattlesnake venom?

Yes, because a king cobra is stronger then a rattle snake

Do spitting king cobras spit venom?

yes it is a king cobra and they are venemous and they are named spitting king cobra so i would imagine they spit venom they spit the venom to blind the enemy or prey whatever it is for a sec to be offensive or just slither away

Can a spitting cobra kill a king cobra?

no way.. king cobra are the largest venomous snakes, they are specalised in preying on other snakes and are immune to the other snakes' venom. In addition to that all snakes have a transparent cover on their eyes so the spitter's venom wont blind the king cobra. in a battle b/w a king cobra and and the spitting cobra, king cobra will easily kill and devour the spitter...

What has more dangerous venom the fierce snake or the the king cobra?

definetly the fierce snake

What are some adaptations of the king cobra snake?

venom to kill prey

What type of venom does the king cobra?

grass snake python boa

What are some species of Cobras?

Some species of Cobra are: * King cobra * Spitting cobra * Burrowing cobra * American cobra or eastern coral snake

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