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Two contributors have responded to the question. One is a customer and the other purports to be a representative of Lombardi. These are two opposing views and both must be considered to be opinions rather than verifiable facts.

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The Customer:

I believe so. My experience is as follows:

Their "Profit Confidential" email popped up on my email one day; I looked it over, and decided to watch it. After a few months, I agreed with myself that the info was believable and soulded sensible. I ordered one of the programs advertised therein.

Rather than the program ordered, a substitute was sold to me. I made another attempt to obtain a program that interested me, and for a second time I ordered. Again, a substitute was sold to me. These programs were pre-paid via credit card.

I made one more attempt. This time it seemed the correct program was issued. While attempting to set up and get the program operating, I was given wrong information on each request, and well I was given a password that had been changed, and thereby unable to access my accounts.

This third program was to have contact each morning before the 'bell' opening the Markets. Today being 09 December, 2011, and my purchase date being in August of this year, this has been approximately four months I've been attempting to have Lombardi deliver the program as promised and that I have paid for.

Additionally, my Visa number was used by Lombardi to "sell" me another program that I did not order, nor want. I was not advised of this transaction, and knew nothing of it until I observed the transaction on my monthly Visa account. My total costs for the above amounted to $500.00 +/-.

2nd Customer Experience:

I retired in June of 2016 so I am no longer trading the markets. This publication auto-renewed my service. I contacted Lombardi and requested a refund as I no longer needed the newsletter. The customer service representative said she would issue a credit within a week to ten days. I got my credit card statement for 2/17 and not only was I not credited, I was billed for the same service again. I contacted Lombardi customer service a second time and they were less than helpful. The crabby person at Lombardi said this was something I would have to take up with my bank as they would not do anything. I directed the bank to initiate a non-authorized transaction claw-back which is now in progress. I do not believe that this is a reputable company.

The Lombardi Representative:

Lombardi Publishing takes the quality of our materials as seriously as we take our content; from concept - to print - to you. Our objective is to help our customers reach their goals via financial security, financial independence or physical well-being. It is our goal to provide all of our subscribers with an extremely positive experience in regards to every aspect of our customer service. In response to your post, we sincerely apologize for any frustration, or inconvenience you may have experienced. I respectfully request that you reach out to me at your convenience so we can discuss your concerns in a more appropriate forum. We publish several hundred information products and periodicals. We have served over two million customers, we have customers in 141 countries and we have been in business since 1986 - but most importantly, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to, and satisfy our customers.

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Q: Is the Lombardi Publishing company a scam?
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