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Q: Is the Model 37 a good duck gun?
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Is the Ithaca model 37 featherweight a good gun?

The Ithaca model 37 has been manufactured pretty much unchanged since 1937, so you be the judge if it's a good gun. The name was changed to model 87 in 1987 but changed back to model 37 around the year 2000. I see no listing for "Featherweight" although there is a "Featherlight".

Will a model 51 butt stock fit on a model 37 gun?

Since the mod 37 is a pump gun and the 51 is semi-auto, if it fits then it is a coincidence.

How do you tell what model Ithaca gun you have?

easy Look on the barrel it should say if it a Model 37 , or Model 37 Featherweight, but the main Point is it should be on the barrel what Model it is

What is the age and value of an Ithaca Model 87?

Historical Overview of the Ithaca Gun Co. says that in 1987 Ithaca Acquisitions, Inc. Moved the gun making operations to King Ferry, NY. and changed the model m-37 to model 87. In 1996 Ihtaca gun Co. LLC changed it back to model 37.

What is the value of gun model 37 12 gauge patent1849982?

Your winchester model 37 single shot shotgun is valued at between 90-200 dollars based on your shotgun having 60%-90% original finish and a good bore.

What is the value of an Ithaca Model 37 shotgun?

The Model 37 was the "workhorse" of the company, and was made in many different gauges and for different uses - i.e., a "riot gun", trench gun", deerslayer, turkey gun, etc., etc. Each of those variables impacts the value, just as does the condition of the gun. If you are talking about the "standard" 12 GA Model 37 Featherweight for general use, and it is in good condition, I see prices in the $150 - $250 range on You might want to log on and see what the market is offering. What Ithaca 37? I guess in general you can figure 50 to 2000 bucks...

Where is sn for Ithaca model 37 shot gun?

On the bottom of the barrel where it meets the chamber.

What is the age of a Model 37 SN 1857267?

Ithaca Gun Co only used the seven-digit serial numbers in 1968 and 1969. Your Model 37 was manufactured in 1969.

Where can you purchase an Ithaca model 37 12 gauge gun barrel?

Try gun shops, want ads, gun shows, Mid West Gun Works, Brownell's

What is the difference between the Ithaca 12 gauge Model 37 and the Model 51 and will a 37 slug barrel fit a 51?

The Model 37 is a pump gun, and the 51 is a semi-automatic. I doubt seriously that the barrels are interchangeable, since they are totally different models.

When did Winchester put serial numbers on their model 37 shotgun?

No, they did not. The Model 37 was manufactured from 1937 - 1963. It was the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968 that made serial numbers mandatory.

Where is the serial number located on a Winchester Model 37 16 gauge shotgun?

The Winchester Model 37 was not serialized. It was the GCA (Gun Control Act) of 1968 that required all newly manufactured or imported firearms to be serialized. Production of the Model 37 ceased in 1963.

Where do you find out the year of a model 37 featherlite shotgun with the serial?

BLue Book of Gun Values

How old is your Ithaca shot gun model 37 serial 4-116433?


What year was the Ithaca gun model 37 serial number 643679 made?

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Where can you get a Deerslayer barrel for an Ithaca Model 37?

Watch - they often have barrels listed. Also you might try Ithaca Gun USA, a company that has picked up the rights to manufacture the Model 37.

Mod 37 sn ULT371668334 Can anyone tell you the age or other information on this gun?

Model 37 what? I can find this model number for at least 3 major manufacturers and they are all totally different guns.

What is Ithaca Gun Co serial number 61229?

this was my fathers old bird gun lots of stories behind this old model 37 lol

When was the 16 gauge Winchester model 37 single shotgun made?

The Winchester model 37 single shot shotgun was made by Winchester from 1936-1963.A total of 1,015,554 were made during this time span.This model was reintroduced in 1973 as the model 37-A and was made until 1981.No serial numbers were ever assigned to the model 37,as there was no law in place until the gun control act of 1968 mandating this.

What is the age of an Ithaca Model 37 s serial number 1849982?

with that s/n the gun was mfg in 1969, but if it has 37 in front of it then it was mfg 1973-74.

What is the age and value of an Ithaca model 37 deerslayer featherlight Serial 714156?

What is the condition of the gun and the barrel length?

Smith and Wesson model 37 value?

200-400$ per blue book of gun values 2007

Where can you find information about a Rossi Model 37 22 Cal Pump rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values

Where can you find stocks both butt and forearm for a Winchester model 37 12g shotgun?

in a gun shop in America darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAnswerin a gun shop in America darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Answerin a gun shop in America darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

You have Ithica Deerslayer Model 37 SN371478217 etching very good any history or value for this old gun?

Made in 1975 Assuming it is a 12 GA - probably worth $350-$400.