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Our moon is not in the asteroid belt. No planet's moon is in the asteroid belt or it would not be a moon.

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Q: Is the Moon's on the asteroid belt?
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What is the asteroid belt moons?

The asteroid belt does not have moons: it has asteroids, which is why it is called the asteroid belt!

How many moons does the asteroid belt have? it has about 300 moons!

How meany moons doe's the asteroid belt have?

I think you will find that asteroids do not have moons.

Can there be moons that may be asteroids pulled from the asteroid belt?

Yes, moons of Mars

How long does it take for the asteroid belt to orbit mars?

The asteroid belt orbits the Sun. Phobos and Deimos the moons of Mars orbit Mars.

Do some asteroids have moon?

Yes, some asteroids in the Asteroid Belt have moons.

Does the Asteroid Belt have any Moons?

Several of the larger asteroids have smaller asteroids that orbit them.

Is Ceres one of Jupiter's moons?

No. Ceres is a dwarf planet that orbits in the asteroid belt.

Why does Saturn has an asteroid belt?

It is not an asteroid belt, it is a ring, This ring is composed of gases, icy rocks and rocks, these rings are possible because, it was carried by the Saturn's moons. Saturn now has 64 moons that is possible for making ring of saturn

How many moons are in the asteroid belt?

About 300 moons. Comment: The question may mean the moons of asteroids. If so, there are not many we know about, but there are definitely some, eg. the moon Dactyl.

The two moons of Mars are believed to be captured?

Phobos and Deimos are believed to be captured asteroids because of Mars close proximity to the Asteroid belt and their "asteroid" appearance.

Does the asteroid belt have a name?

The Main Asteroid Belt.

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