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Is the Necronomicon something to be taken seriously?


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November 15, 2010 10:54PM

Yes! it is a dangerous and mysterious book.


The Necronomicon is the name of a grimoire (book of shadows) invented by the writer H. P. Lovecraft. The name combines Greek words nekros 'the dead', nomos 'law', eikon 'image'. Because of the relatively recent surge in popularity in Lovecraft's works, people have created grimoires using materials from other sources to try to match his description and labeled them Necronomicon, but books with the name have no authenticity. It is meant to be extremely evil and linked with the Old Ones of Lovecraft's mythology, so some the fabricated Necronomica are usually collections of black magic.


There is a book with the same title available from most major booksellers. It's a relatively decent companion piece to Lovecraft's Necronomicon, in that it contains a lot of gibberish that looks pretty mystical to the average person.


The Necronimicon as we know it WAS invented by H.P Lovecraft, but based loosely on existing religious texts like the Egyptian Book of the Dead which were commonly believed to be grimmoires of sorcery and black magic.

There are indeed a few different versions of the Necronimicon in print, to capitalize on the mystique of Lovecraft's book, some of which are fairly entertaining and definitely written as tongue-in-cheek homages to Lovecraft. Others, like the Simon Necronomicon was actually written based (VERY loosely) on old Babylonian/Sumerian and designed to be the sort of book that Lovecraft was describing BUT have no direct connection (no reference to Cthulhu or Nyarlethotep as an example).

Whether they should be taken seriously or not depends entirely on your perspective. Some occultists (chaos and ecclectics for instance) will very much take them seriously WHILE knowing that they are works of fiction. The Simon Necronomicon should be taken seriously IF (and only if) you believe in Sumerian gods and goddesses... so a Christian can pretty safely ignore it, someone who tries to practice Egyptian ritual might take it a bit more seriously.


Yes! In fact, very quickly at times. Results can be obtained within minutes at times especially on self-development spellwork.

Contrary to popular belief preference the energies you work with (50 Names of Marduk) are neutral/positive spirits or gods. They are not inherently evil although they can do nasty things if you need them to. To some they may even be angels. Please remember angelic beings can be pretty tough at times - they're not all sugar and spice.

Another popular misconception is that these spirits are like "dumb computers" and that if you are not clear and precise they cannot understand what you want. This is not true. They are smart and intellectual. Even when you (due to negativity, lack of focus etc) cannot visualise your goal easily - they KNOW what you want and get the message!

The only caution I must mention is that you should experiment only if you are relatively stable mentally and emotionally. Some of those energies are really strong and come on really fast!

To begin with use only the Simon Necronomicon Spellbook which is good to start with and later you can move on to the full work.

Also for starters I recommend the following names to work with:

a) Marutukku (spiritual protector) - This is a must especially if you have any "fears" surrounding the working and will help balance your energy or even guide into supporting rituals or systems customised to your unique personality. If you feel afraid or negative it's not the spirits doing it - it's your fears. Your negativity coupled with the intensity of the energy can amplify it several fold although it usually will sort itself out in the end.

b) Aranunna (spiritual teacher) - A good idea if you're a novice. He will guide you in almost any occult practice even outside of the Necronomicon.

c) Barashakushu (miracle worker) - Said to be the kindest of the 50 spirits - although I find all of them are pretty cool. He specialises in doing remarkable stuff - yeah, miracles. Great one to start with.

d) Gibil (Purifier, Self-Knowledge, Fire): Uses the strength of Fire. Great for self-discovery, purification of inner mind (subconscious), and cleansing. Mind you, I'd suggest doing this on a weekend or when the next day is a holiday. Gibil comes on really really strong so you'll need a 24 hour rest to deal with his intensity but he's good.

e) Tuku (Magickal Protection & Warrior): Very powerful protection against negative energies or magickal attack. He is a fierce warrior on your behalf but uses sound judgment i.e. he won't go around picking a fight.

f) Tutu (Bringer of Joy and Well-being): Very uplifting chap and can bring in positive energy to you or your surroundings. Everyone could use this!!!

g) Luggaldimmerankia (Creates order and clarity): Brings order to chaos (analogous to Archangel Michael) and can help provide insightful solutions to complex problems. Great when chaos and disorder get overwhelming.

h) Zisi (Peace and Reconciliation): This is the guy who can resolve disputes large and small. Great when tensions escalate or for reuniting with that special someone.

i) Asaruludu (Holds the flaming sword, guide, protection, healing): One who oversees the race of Watchers (Bandar) and is an excellent ally for protection and guidance in magickal workings.

j) Nariluggaldimmerankia (Repels negativity, protection): Another good one for protection especially if you're haunted by negativity. Just using his word of power is enough.

h) Addu (Creates positive change effectively, powerfully and dramatically if need be): This angel/god is very effective and is best used when you have something really deep in your psyche that is blocking you. Excellent when the situation is complex.

One thing though, use these for positive workings as much as possible. It's not about karma or retribution (they are myths in that sense) but it's just that you can get much positive stuff and help yourself and others with this.

By the way, I have only listed the spirits names here but one has to use their words of power also according to the ritual specified in the spellbook that is very simple. The only thing you need to incorporate is an Archangel ritual for protection (mainly from your own fears) - call Michael to your right, Uriel to your left, Raphael in front and Gabriel behind and you're good to go. For that you need to obtain a copy of the "Necronomicon Spellbook" which is easily available. What I like most about the book is that the ritual is simple.