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PCI is a more recent grading company. In the past, they have had less experienced graders than the two bigger companies PCGS and NGC. However, they recently added a well respected grader to their staff and seem to be consistent with their grading standards. They are cheaper than the PCGS and NGC and you do not have to be an ANA Member to submit coins for grading. They also run monthly price specials on their website. As stated below, they encapsulate problems coins.

One thing PCI does that I feel does a dis-service to their clients is that when they grade a problem coin (let's say it is scratched), they will label it (for example): AU - 50 Details (Scratched) Net VF - 20". My personal feeling is that they should grade the coin and identify the problem. The "Net" grade should be left up to the owner, seller or buyer, whomever that might be. In this instance, the coin has a condition and a problem. By giving it a "Net" grade, PCI is stepping outside the arena of grading and stepping into the arena of assigning value.

Overall, yes they are a reputable company. Geared more for the common collector, not just the high priced expensive items.

AnswerHave they moved recently? The last time I sent them a coin they were in Tennessee. If it's the same company, yes, they are reliable. They are also less expensive than most. I like the fact that they will encapsulate a "problem" coin (scratched, cleaned, etc., as long as they are not counterfeit or altered) that others will return ungraded. I like to know that my scarcer coins are authentic even if they are not up to PCGS or NGC standards of perfection. Answergreat company --been using them for 10 years--like the idea of putting mintage on the capsule
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Q: Is the PCI grading service out of Rossville GA a reliable company?
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