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Q: Is the River Clyde longer than the River Thames?
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Related questions

Is the River Severn longer then the River Thames?

It is similar in length than the Thames but may be slightly longer by a few miles.

is the mississippi river is longer than the thames?


What is as long as the thames?

The river Severn is slightly longer than the Thames.

Is the Seine longer than the Thames?

The River Seine is longer

Is the Nile is longer than thames?

River Nile is 6,853 km.River Thames is 346 km.Therefore, the River Niles is the longest.

Is the river thames longer than the river tweed?


Is the river Nile bigger than the Thames River?

Yes - Nile about 4,135 miles long. Thames about 215 miles long Yes, the River nile is longer than the thames and is infact the longest river in the world.

Is the Nile river longer than the Thames?

The Nile river is the longest river in the world. Thousands of miles longer !

What is the sec ond longest river in England?

The River Thames. The Rivern Severn is longer than the Thames by about 3 miles.

What river is longest in the UK?

The River Severn - which is about 3 miles longer than the River Thames.

Is the River Severn the longest river in Britain?

Yes, but it is only three miles longer than the Thames.

How long is the river in Britain?

The river Severn is the longest river in Britain but is only three miles longer than the river Thames.

Which river is famous the river thames or the river severn?

The river Thames which goes through London is much more famous than the river Severn.

How many species of fish is in the river thames?

there are many many species in the river thames but there are less dolphines in the river than fish

Why is the river thames so dangerous?

The river Thames isn't dangerous - or certainly no more dangerous than any other river.

What is the longest river in the united kingdom in square miles?

A river can't be measured in square miles but the longest river in the UK is the River Severn at 218 miles - just marginally longer than the River Thames at 215 miles.

Which river flows through London England?

The main river that flows through London, the capital city of England is the Thames river, or River Thames (pronounced 'temz', or 'tems'; Roman name Tamesis).The Thames, at 346 km (215 miles), is the longest river in England and the second-longest in the UK. The longest UK river is the Severn, just eight km (five miles) longer than the Thames.The river wasn't made to flow through London, but London was built on both banks of the river.

Is the river thames bigger than volga?

No...the river Thames is only 215 miles long. The Volga is 2294 miles long

What bridges run across the river Thames?

There are more than 150 bridges over the Thames.

What is the one biggest river in the UK?

The longest river in the UK from source to sea - is the Severn.

How wide exactly is the river Thames?

The width of any river, including the Thames, will vary greatly according to which part of the river you are visiting. The mouth or estuary of a river will obviously be much wider than the part of the river near its source.

What is the second longest river in England?

The River Thames - which is about three miles shorter than the Severn.

What is the second longest river in the british isles?

Geographically, The British Isles are the main islands of Britain and Ireland and all of their off-shore islands. The longest river in the British Isles is therefore the River Shannon in Ireland and the second longest is the River Severn in Britain - which is fractionally longer than the River Thames.

What is the use of a famous landmark along the river thames?

Which famous landmark are you asking about. There's more than one along the Thames.

How much longer is the Allegheny River than the Hudson River?

46 miles longer than the Hudson River.