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Is the Sony Mylo selling in Dubai?

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sony mylo is still not available in uae. sony uae said, they will lounge by June 2009

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What are some advantages of the Sony Mylo?

"The advantages of the Sony Mylo are feature and performance. CNET is a great technology resource to use in looking up product information. This site will offer information on price, performance and rating for the Sony Mylo."

Where can you buy a Sony mylo 2? or Frys electronics for $30

What is the benefit of owning a Sony mylo?

There are many benefits of ownign a sony mylo. One of the biggest benefits is its GPS capabilities, entertainment and communication tool also. Also has Wi-Fi, 2.4 inch display screen and slide out keypad.

Value of a used iPod nano?

no value, get a ipod touch, the best out of all of them, or a sony mylo

Sony Ericsson w995 price in Dubai?

in Dubai 2,300 AED

Is the price of sony psp 3000 cheaper in India or Dubai?


What does it mean by Sony Mylo?

Sony Mylo is an electronic device that helps people log onto the internet while they are not at home. It is a portable device that also helps people send instant messages to their friends while on the go. It is almost like the Blackberry but it does not make telephone calls.

What are the unique selling points of Sony?

unique selling proporsition of sony cameras

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What is the price of sony Bravia KLV32BX320 in Dubai?


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try a zipit or a sony mylo there is also somthing called a peek

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it will be around 3,230AED

How much is a Sony Ericsson Satio in Dubai?

2500 dirhams

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How much does a sony Ericsson xperia arc costs in Dubai?

Check web site for the latest price in dubai

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