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A Postal Inspector may open it or call the appropiate Federal Enforcement Agency.

Added: Please further define your interpretation of "suspicious."

But as a general answer, yes, they may if they believe it contains, explosives, unmarked firearms, liquor, or any other contraband which is forbidden to be sent through the US Mail.

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Q: Is the US Postal service allowed to open suspicious mail?
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What agency investigates mail fraud?

The Postal Inspection Service of the United States Postal Service.

When was the Royal Mail Service established?

The Royal Mail Service is a postal service in the United Kingdom. The Royal Mail Service was established in the year 1516.

Does the United States Postal Service deliver overnight mail?

Yes the United States Postal Service does deliver overnight mail to most locations at an extra cost to consumers wanting to use this service. The United States Postal Service has competitors for this type of service.

Which Post Office service allows you to trace mail to its final destinationParcel PostRedirection noticePoste RestanteRegistered Mail?

Postal Service

A term used for slow mail in the US postal service is?

Snail Mail.

Is the royal mail British?

The British postal service is called The Royal Mail.

When did US Postal Service start using air mail?

Regular air mail service began in 1918.

Can you ship liquids in the mail?

There are exclusions to things that can be shipped--like liquor and wine, corrosive cleaning products and such. Check with the postal service to see what is allowed.

Can the United States postal service open your mail?


Which service of the US Postal Service guarantees next day delivery?

Express Mail

How much does postage cost from Antarctica?

Your answer depends on the service provider who supplies postal service to the location from which you want to send mail. Each research station employs a mail service provider who will dictate postal rates, that vary depending on the destination of the mail.

Is the postal service required to deliver mail to your residence?

The postal service is required to deliver mail to the address on the envelope. It the address is your residence, then yes they will deliver it there. They will also deliver to P.O. Boxes and businesses.

What is EMS all about?

EMS stands for Express Mail Services. It is an international postal Express Mail Service, for documents and merchandise, offered by postal operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

Does the US postal service deliver mail on Saturday?

Yes, currently (2012) the US Postal Service delivers Monday through Saturday.

Does the us postal service deliver mail on Memorial Day weekend?


What form of mail does the IRS use to send returns?

Any mail from the IRS is usually regular postal mail service's.

does the us postal service deliver mail to the handicapped right to their hands?


Does the us postal service deliver mail on the Monday after Easter?

It better!

Is there mail service on flag day?

Yes, it is not a US Postal Holiday.

In 1920 what did the postal service say they could no longer mail?


Does the US Postal Service deliver mail the day after Thanksgiving?


Who investigates destroyed US mail?

The US Postal Inspection Service.

What is third class mail?

Third class mail is a US Postal Service category for bulk advertisements.

How many pieces of mail does a US postal service deliver each day?

12,548,898,514 peices of mail

What does processed mean while tracking a package?

UPS Mail Innovations inducts your mail piece into the U.S. Postal Service within 48 hours of processing. The U.S. Postal Service will deliver the mail piece within 3-5 days on average.