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Is the air conditioner actually hard on your engine like everyone says it is?


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2005-08-30 03:55:47
2005-08-30 03:55:47

no yes It makes the engine work a little harder, but the engines are designed for it, so it's not "hard on it".


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The A/C is designed to kick off during WOT to maximize engine power

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It is not hard, but it is an extra load that will lower fuel economy.It is not hard, but it is an extra load that will lower fuel economy.

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i have a Z24. dont have that problem but i would say your cooling system should be flushed out..your engine is working to hard to run the compresser..hope it helps steve

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It likes someone else better.

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For 1997 3.1 L engine, it is under rear part of air filter assy. Really hard to get to it.

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