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Is the big show the strongest wrestler in wwe history?


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no the strongest wwe wrestler was giant gonzalez

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He's FU'd the big guys like The Big Show and Mark Henry , of course he is the strongest wrestler.

Yes, it is. He was able to lift superheavyweight like the big show, mark henry and the great khali.

No big show is not dead

The wrestler, named THE BIG SHOW, is 7 foot tal and weighs 507 lbs.

the biggest wrestler is the big show I wonder how he/she became the bestest wrestler in the world?

yes he is the strongest wrestler right now i believe he is stronger then big show and mark Henry some may not but one time he big mark Henry in a arm wrestling match and he picked up big show and edge at the same time which is like 730 pounds

The Big Show (WWE Wrestler)

I would say the big show

yes he was in the movie The Waterboy

the big show makes about $1,000,000 a year. but he isn't the richest wrestler

Akebono, a sumo wrestler, fought Big Show in a sumo match.

Do you mean Big Show as in the wrestler? If you do, he weighs approximately 500lbs. If not, find another answer :')

The heaviest wrestler EVER was the british wrestler Giant Haystacks (690lb). The heaviest wrestler ever in the WWE was Yokozuna (660lb) But the heaviest current wrestler is Big Show (485lb)

The highest wrestler at WWE is The Great Khali he is 2,21 m, thereafter it is Big Show

yes he is a wrestler a strong wrestler who beat undertaker and big show

The wrestler who goes by the name of Big Show is 7 feet tall and weighs 485 pounds!

Big Show definetly the great khali has not held as many world titels as big show and now big show is a main eventer on wwe smackdown brand

big show's real name is paul wight

According to the onion paper big show was shot to death by we security because he became out of control

Sheamus, Big Show, and William Regal

The American professional wrestler Big Show was born with the name Paul Randell Wight Jr. Big Snow is the seven times world champion is currently signed with WWE.

the thinest is rey mysterio and the fattest is prob big show or big daddy v

actually big show is large and strong but john cena is better than the big show he had win a lot of tittle than the big show Jialiang123456789: Big Show is better because John Cena got beat up by a wrestler weaker than Big Show.

I think it is Mark Henry or Big Show

The biggest athlete is The Big Show. He is a wrestler in WWE. He is about 8 feet tall.

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