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No. Sodium chloride is quite different from either of its component elements.

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Sodium is an element. Chloride is an element. Sodium and chlorine combine to form the compound sodium chloride which is commonly known as the table salt.

No. Chlorine is an element and sodium chloride is a compound made of the two elements sodium and chlorine.

sodium chloride is compound. it is ionic in nature.

It is an element! *** No, it's a compound made up of the two ions sodium and chlorine. It is a compound!

Sodium chloride is a compound of sodium and chlorine formed by ionic bonding of sodium ions and chlorine ions.

Sodium chloride contain two atoms: sodium and chlorine. But sodium chlorine is not an element; it is a compound.

Sodium chloride is a compound of sodium and chlorine.

No. It's a compound containing the elements sodium and chlorine.

chlorine is an element #17 sodium chloride is a combination of two different elements #11 and #17 simple as i could explain it

No, it is an ionic compound of Sodium and Chlorine. NaCl. Sodium Chloride.

There are sodium and chlorine present as ions in sodium chloride.

No, that is 2 elements. One element would be Sodium (Na) and another would be Chlorine (Cl). Sodium Chloride would be a compound element.

Sodium chloride is a compound of sodium and chlorine.

A compound, by definition is made up of more than one element. Sodium chloride (NaCl) is vastly different from both elemental sodium (which is a metal which dissolves when exposed to water) and chlorine (which is a gas that can kill you if you inhale enough of it). When you react both Sodium and Chlorine however.

Sodium chloride is a compound.

Sodium chloride is formed from sodium and chlorine.

Sodium chloride is compound, NaCl; sodium (Na) is a metallic chemical element and chlorine (Cl) is a gas.

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is a compound.

NaCl (sodium chloride) is a compound not an element. Na = Sodium is an element Cl = Chlorine is an element

Table salt is a compound, not an element. The name of that compound is sodium chloride. It is composed of two very different elements: sodium and chlorine.

The meaning is the percentage of an element in a chemical compound.For example sodium chloride (NaCl) has 39,67 % sodium and 60,33 % chlorine.

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