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No you have to match the number on yours to the one your replacing it with.

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How do you dogde the nife on the hunger games game?

move out of the way

Will your 2005 Pontiac bonnerville fit your 1996 dogde caravan?


Can a 2005 mustang beat a charger?

No, a Mustang can not beat a dogde charger

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ezio does that automatically or you could dogde the attack

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Where is the fuel filter located in a 1999 dogde durango?

It's in the fuel tank.

Will a 2.7 engine from a 2000 dogde intrepid fit a 2003 intrepid?


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you just dogde them till you get the shovel

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This helps you becuse you can dogde moves and make up your own moves.

How do you bypass the rear proportioning valve on a 99 dogde ram?

No self respecting licensed mechanic will ever answer this one.

How do you defeat the mummy in Tomb Raider anniversary?

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What kind of catalyic converter does a 98 dogde stratus need?

The one that fits which anyplace that installs and sells them can tell you.

Where is the 2001 dogde durango cam sensor 4.7L engine?

It is under the very front of the passenger side cylinder head.

What would cause a 95 dogde intrepid to turn off while driving?

If it has high mileage, it could be the timing belt at fault.

Where do you go to replace fuel pump on a 2005 dodge magnum?

how much psi supoust have in the cilindros a dogde magnum rt 2005

How do you get past the whirly kids in poptropica island wimpy wonderland?

You can get throught the whirly kids on poptropica by just trying your best to dogde the snowballs

Where is the connection point on a 2003 dogde durango for a obd 2?

The 2003 Dodge Durango OBD 2 port is on lower edge of dash, left of hood release

How is dodge better than Ford?

just the type of style, for an example, dodge has some nissan, the dogde viper and the ford has like the f150 they are both good in my opinion

Where is the fuel filter on a 1996 dogde startus?

its locted above the gas tank on the back closest to the bumper you have to remove the gas tank in order the remover the quick release hoses

What oil does a vs 2008 dogde charger take sincentic or regular oil?

Need to no what oil take if regular oil o use con te tic oil

How do you change the front drums into disk brakes on a slant 6 1972 dogde dart swinger?

Below is a link to a complete conversion kit. The cost is around $1,000.

How do you repair power window in a 2002 dodge Dakota?

go to your local dogde daeler if dont know were is one give me the rd and county you live in at then when i get it i will email you as soon as possible

Where do you find the grease fitting for the rear axle in a 1996 dogde Dakota 4x4?

There are no grease fittings on the rear end. Everything runs and lubes itself with gear oil that's in the rear end.

2006 Dodge truck and a light on the dash that looks like a jellyfish came on What does it mean?

what does the light in teh dash that looks almost like a jellyfish or half sun mean in a dogde ram 2006 truck?

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De blob: you paint each thing flashing with color the color its flashing. Dogde ink then hit the transform De blob 2: paint paths of color leading to the center of the platform