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Is the copper that was used for the wheat symbol pennies dated from 1950 and up worth some money?

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Cents were made of copper during most of the period from 1792 to 1982, not just 1950 onward. Yes, the copper in pre-1982 cents is worth more than face value but not enough to make it profitable to melt them. You would need a VERY large number of coins and even so, the costs of melting, selling, etc. would eat up most or all of the profit. Also, for what it's worth, in numismatic terms the wheat ears are considered to be a design rather than a symbol. At the end of 2007 copper was selling for $3.00/pound. A pre-1982 penny weighs 3.11 grams (97.5% of which is copper) It takes about 148 of these pennies to make a pound. This is based on a pound being equal to 454 grams.

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What s pennies are worth money?

A 1943 copper penny is known to be worth a lot of money,

How much money are the 1947 copper pennies worth?

Average value is 2 to 3 cents.

What is american money made of?

The dollar bills are made of cotton and linen, despite the fact that we call it paper money. Pennies are zinc coated with copper. Nickels, quarters, and dimes are a mix of nickel and copper.

Why did d stand for pennies in pre decimal money?

It was an ancient tradition that dated back to when the British isles used Roman currency (denarius).

What is the best to remove copper from pennies?

You could use a grinder, or any chemical which dissolves copper, and you will reach the zinc, since the copper is just a thin layer. Technically speaking, however, defacing money is illegal.

What year did Canada start making pennies in copper nickel alloy?

Here's some information from the Royal Canadian Mint, where all our money is made:Pennies: Since 2000 pennies have been 94% steel, 1.5% nickel, 4.5% copper plating. From 1997 until 2000, the coin was made of copper-plated zinc. Prior to 1997 the one-cent coin was 98% copper, 1.75% zinc and 0.25% other metals.

How much money is the most expensive penny worth?

1.7 Million dollars, that was what a collector recently paid for a 1943 copper penny made at the Denver mint, the only known 1943 copper penny struck there (keep in mind that the 1943 pennies were struck in steel, the copper 1943 pennies are errors).

Why is it against the law to melt copper pennies?

Because it is against the law to deface any money issued by the Royal Mint/ Government.

Why do people clean pennies?

They collect them, and some, like a 1943 copper penny, are worth a lot of money. Most pennies are only worth a penny, but, some are worth a lot more than than to a collector.

What is 50000 pennies worth in money?

At 100 pennies to the dollar, 50,000 pennies makes $500.

How Much Money Is 100000 pennies?

100,000 pennies=1,000 dollars

How much money is 2 million pennies?

2,000,000 pennies = £20,000.00

How much money does a metal penny cost?

It depends on the year the penny was made, pre-1982 pennies are worth about $.023 in raw metals because they are 95% copper, post-1982 pennies are worth about $.005 in metal because they are mostly zinc with a thin copper coating. In 1982 the US made both zinc and copper cents the difference can be detected by weight, the copper cents weigh a bit more than the zinc cents.

How much does 300 pennies equal in money?

In the UK 300 pennies = 3 pounds

How much money in a roll of nickels and pennies?

$2 for the nickels (40 nickels) $.50 for the pennies ( 50 pennies)

How much is 21500 in pennies?

For US money-21500 pennies would equal $215. There are 100 pennies to a dollar.

How much money is 50000 pennies?

In the UK 50,000 pennies = £500.00 In dollars 50,000 pennies = $500.00

How much money is 524272 pennies?

With 100 pennies in a dollar, that makes $5,242.72

How much money is in one pound of 1983 pennies?

181 pennies, or $1.81

How much money is 289000 pennies?

289000/100= $2,890 100 pennies = $1

How much money are pennies worth?

one cent 100 pennies = 1 dollar

How much money is in 100000000 pennies?

100,000,000 pennies = 1,000,000.00 dollars

Whose money is called a pennies?

The British Pound Sterling is divided into 100 pence or 'pennies'.

What is money made out?

in the case of US paper money (dollar bills), special paper containing cotton and linen. for coins (nickels, pennies, quarters, dimes, halves, dollars) different types of metals including zinc, copper, nickel, and manganese. In Australia coins are made of copper-nickel and bills are made from polymer