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you can say the crime rate is lower than Americas crime rate. so i guess that the crime rate is lower


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As Spain is much smaller in area and population than the USA, I would expect the crime rate to be lower for Spain.

The answer is clearly self-evident. If you live in a low crime-rate area, that means that your area suffers less crime than someplace else which has a higher crime-rate.

Louisville, KY has a very low crime rate, particularly compared to the overall crime rate in Kentucky. It is safer than 97% of the cities in the United States.

According to the Isle of Man, they have a very low crime rate. They claim their crime is low because of the high fines that are given to anyone who commits a crime and also the jail time.

No, they have low crime rate compared to other countries. death penalty for illegal drug sales, no gun permits or ownership or private firearms.

Spain has the lowest birth rate with 9,7.

It has a very low crime rate.

2913.32 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2000.A medium crime rate compared to other countries, i.e. Japan = 1951.92 per 100,000, a low crime rate and USA = 4123.97 per 100,000, a high crime rate.

The reason why Japans crime rate has been so low is because unlike Americans they had a reason to steal and their import has been so high that most products prices are low.

Pretty low compared to some countries.

Topeka Kansas has a higher-than-average crime rate....but compared to a city such as St. Louis, it's relatively low.

The crime rate for low income based apartments in west Philadelphia is about 5%. You can read more at In order to provide you with an accurate crime rate,I will need the address. Generally speaking you will find higher crime in low income areas.

It appears that the crime rate in Canton, MI is relatively low compared to either the national average crime rate or the crime rate in other cities of its size. It was actually named one of the best places to live by Money Magazine in 2006.

established order amoung citizens and kept crime rate low.

The crime rate in Ontario is relatively low,must people here have pride and dignity even after losing their high paying manufacturing jobs.The crime rate is high in big cities like Toronto because Canada has a policy of letting every scumbag immigrant into the country and they end up in T O !

IDK about the crime rate here, in my area (Gilbert) it's very low but we are the safest town in the state. Arizona is ranked 48th in education. ahead of only Alabama and Mississippi.

Official statistics would certainly suggest that crime in China is extremely low. Compared to the United States, China has a fraction of crime compared it.

As is normally true you will find a higher than normal crime rate in low income areas. There is a higher amount of theft and violent crimes. There are more than one low income apartments in the Merced CA area. The crime rates are relativley high in all of these areas.

It has no crime rate at all. =)

Certainly, Spain has a sufficient number of jails. Relative to the United States, the Spanish crime rate is low. This combined with the fact that almost all Spanish jails are publicly run (instead of privately-run), leads to Spain having far fewer jails per capita than the USA.

depens where it is. some places are high eg South Africa and some are low eg Switzerland

Well I've been researching for projects and apparently the crime rate is very low, because there employment rate is very high. Hope this helps.

# of crimes (11,877,000) divided by population (311,000,000) = .038 the crime rate is 4% which is actually remarkably low compared to other countries. I know the UK has 10% which is higher.

The crime rate in the Middle East is surprisingly low. For every 100K people living in the Middle East, there are only 5-10 crimes committed annually.

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