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You boyfriend has no business seeing his ex! It's time you started to communicate and tell him you aren't jealous of his ex, but you don't share! If he gives you any lip over this then say, "Well you both broke-up for reasons of your own and normal people walk away from their exs. You can't have it both ways!" Let him know if this continues you will stop seeing him. NEVER be afraid to take a stand when something is wrong. You bet his ex is trying to still rein him in every so often and he's in control of his own life and should be mature enough to pucker up his lips and learn to say "no" to his ex. Go for it! Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-22 18:32:53
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Q: Is the ex-girlfriend up to no good when she asks your boyfriend to go with her to release her car stating that she has 30 days but 3 months later she still says her lease is up in 30 days?
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