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  • It depends if the divorced person just got divorced, feels lonely and is wanting a relationship too quickly. When people get divorced (I went through it) they should take time out for themselves to look back at what went wrong in their former marriage, learn from it and grow, then work on your own strengths and weakness'.Not all first relationships are doomed after a divorce. The percentage is low, but there are some people that either know someone they love while they were still married, or, they truly have found someone that loves and respects them. Take it slow and easy. If you are having to ask this question of yourself then you aren't comfortable in the situation you are in or you're second-guessing yourself.
  • Not necessarily, but as the new person in his life you have to look out for you and be on your guard for any remissive behavior on his part. If he constantly brings up the ex, he may still have feelings, if he is bitter, then you may feel that you have to prove him wrong, which isn't your job to make him feel better about his ex, or other women. Just be yourself, have fun and don't invest too much too quickly.
  • In any relationship, the closeness of the two can never be greater than the awareness of each individual of themselves plus their shared selves. How can WE know what we want and where we are going - if "I" don't know what I want and where I'm going; same for the partner. Only as each person is self-realized and shares it, is there a possibility then of the two selves (people) forming and sharing a mutual today and future. So ask yourself the question: Is the person I'm encountering newly from divorce, had enough time to learn themselves to engage themselves well much less another.
  • From personal experience you should never be the first person to date a freshly divorced person. Let someone else do it, monitor the situation and think long and hard about your life decisions.
  • Not all the time. It depends on the situation of that divorced man you are now dating. Once you enter into that relationship then you must be ready for any consequences.
  • I agree with everyone on this, I have had a recent personal experience with this. He was in the middle of the divorce, he had moved out, however he was just not with it at all. He was a shell of his former self at the time. He and I did have great times, however he was not ready for all of it nor even trying to throw himself into something and hurting me in the process. There are a lot of complicated emotions involed with that type of situation, and they may not know how to deal, or may feel very over whelmed. It is best to give them time to figure them selves out first, because at that time in their lives they need to redifine them selvs as an individual and no longer he/she in a marriage.
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Q: Is the first relationship with a man after his divorce doomed to be just a rebound?
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