Is the hk g36 automatic

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Yes; as an assault rifle, the Heckler & Koch G36 has select fire capabilities, and can fire in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes.

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Q: Is the hk g36 automatic
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Were can you find a hk rifle case for g36?


Difference between hk g3 and hk 91?

G3 is a military fully automatic weapon, the HK 91 is the semi-automatic civilian version.

Can you use a kwa hk g36 mag for your hk g36c airsoft gun?

If you're talking about the HK G36C from a sporting goods store, no, the KWA mag won't work. The HK licensed G36s that pop up in sporting goods store use a proprietary magazine.

Can you get semi-automatic action out of a civilian model hk vp 70 z?


What caliber is a G36?

.45 auto, if, by "G36", you're referring to the Glock 36. 5.56x45 if you're referring to the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle.

What is the best fully automatic airsoft assault rifle under 200?

There is no clear "best". It depends on a variety of things includign personal opinion and what type of gun you are looking for, and even where you live. And to say a "G36" for example explains nothing as there is many different types and models of G36 made by a variety of companies.

Where can someone find information about HK USP?

The HK USP is a semi-automatic pistol developed by the German company Heckler & Koch GmbH. Information on the firearm and its variations can be obtained from the company directly or through publications such as Guns and Ammon.

How much does a g36 cost?

the price is around $950 to $1400 it varies from each model G36 regular model but g36c or mg36 are most expensive

Where the HK Rugby Sevens held?

The HK Stadium.

What is the value of a HK 45 Automatic Compact 357 magnum?

About the same as a 6.5Liter 327 Chevy Hemi. What you have described doesn't exist in the real world.

Can you put a C-Drum magazine in the assault rifle the G36?

The G36 uses a proprietary magazine which isn't compatible with the STANAG-compatible C-drum magazines for rifles such as the AR-15. The G36 could use such a magazine, if such a magazine were manufactured for it. To the best of my knowledge, none are.

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